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 Before i delve into this review i just wanted to mention a few things; firstly, i have a lot of reviews i really want to get done so I've decided that i might post everyday in July - mostly because there are some reviews I'm really excited about posting about and if i stick to my usual couple of posts a week its going to be ages til i post them and I'm just feeling too impatient so i thought it would be nice and also I've kind of missed blogging everyday. Ive already started planning out the posts for the month and its got me feeling all inspired again which is awesome. Please let me know any feedback you have on my blog, my posts or anything you think i should improve on as your opinion of my blog matters to me - i write it for people to read and id hate to think you wasn't enjoying it, so I'd love some general feedback!

It's not often i do an entire review on a lip balm - i feature them often in collective type posts but on a whole i think most lip balms are quite similar to each other. However, the lip balm I'm reviewing today is unlike any other i have ever tried. I got this Hurraw! Lime Lip Balm* in the North West Bloggers Event Goody Bag; initially, i was a little disappointed - i didn't want or need another lip balm and the fact it was lime disappointed me even more as it's not one of my favourite scents. Well, i think it's safe to say that this lip balm definitely made me eat my words.

This actually smells incredible and for someone who isn't crazy about the smell of limes i think that's saying something! The lip balms come in a massive range of scents/flavours too so their is going to be something to suit everyone's taste - i love the sound of the Black Cherry one and also the Coconut one, they sound amazing.

I did a little research on the Hurraw! website about the lip balms and Hurraw! is all natural, vegan and made from premium raw, organic and fair trade ingredients - as it's vegan, no animal products were used in the ingredients nor are any animals harmed or used for testing. They set a criteria for their lip balms which was to create something that was "Super smooth, not draggy, not sticky, not sweet, not too glossy, not too smelly, never grainy long lasting; plus, it had to hold up to being in a back pocket without melting"

Everything they wanted to aim for is everything i want in a lip balm and they have definitely achieved all those things. It is honestly one of the best lip balms i have ever use; it's so smooth, it glides across the lips, its not sticky, sweet, too glossy or too smelly nor is it grainy - i don't leave my lip balms in my back pocket so i can't comment on whether it can last in their without melting but this leaves my lips feeling so soft and hydrated and unlike a lot of lip balms this actually lasts. I also really like the unique oval shape it as, it's perfect for applying it to the lips as it fits the shape really nicely (does that make sense?)

I'm so impressed with this lip balm and I'm so glad it's proved my initial judgement/disappointment wrong - oh, i almost forget to mention that they are really affordable too!

Have you tried Hurraw! Lip Balms?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. I've tried cinnamon before and I love it.

    1. Oh i bet thats nice! It'd be lovely around christmas!
      Natalie xx

  2. This looks lovely! Love lip balms like this! -- Lindsey xx

    1. It's so nice - definitely one of the best lip balms ive tried!
      Natalie xx


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