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Nars Blushes have been on my wishlist for a while; they are very highly regarded in the beauty blogging world. However, with a drawer already full of blush and a hefty price tag i put off buying one for a while that was until the start of last month, i decided I'd be coveting them for too long and decided to treat myself. For most people their first Nars Blush if usually 'Orgasm' and whilst it is a beautiful shade, i had my eyes on a different shade, one that you don't seem to hear too much about - Sin!

Sin is a really unusual shade of blush - it's like a purple toned pink, that has a slight plummy look to it and a slight shimmer. It's not an easy shade to describe but oh my, it is beautiful - the photos and that swatch really don't do it justice. I've been wearing this blush everyday since i bought it and i think the plummy tones in it make it perfect for Autumn and Winter - so it's good all round blush.

The blush is really good quality and whilst it may be a little expensive, it is proving to be a worthwhile purchase; it has good colour payoff - a little goes a long way, it blends into the skin really nicely and it lasts on me all day. I'm not normally a huge advocate of shimmer in blushes as i personally don't enjoy looking like a glitter ball but it goes really well in this blush as it gives the cheeks a lovely subtle glow.

Now i couldn't review a Nars product without mentioning the packaging now, could i? In this instance, i honestly think you get what you pay for. The packaging is study and compact with a nice handy sized mirror, the simple black and white detailing give it a really luxurious and sleek feel to it. The only negative i have about the packaging and product is that it's a dirt magnet and the casing gets dirty really easily but it doesn't affect the quality of the product in anyway so i can live with that.

I absolutely adore this blush and I'm so glad i caved in and treated myself - it's genuinely worth every penny. If you are thinking about treating yourself to a Nars Blush whether its this shade or one of the others - do it, you will not regret it.

What's your favourite Nars Blush shade?

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  1. ooh this looks so pretty!
    Emma xo | |

    1. It's even nicer in real life, those photos dont do it justice!
      Natalie xx

  2. Replies
    1. It's really is, i love it :)
      Natalie xx


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