Quickmax Eyelash Growth Enhancer

Quickmax Eyelash Growth Enhancer

I, like many other females dream of having naturally long and luscious lashes so when i was given the opportunity to test out the Stylelux Quickmax Eyelash Growth Enhancer* i pretty much jumped at the change.

Quickmax Eyelash Growth Enhancer

You apply this each night after your evening skincare; you apply it exactly like you would an eyeliner which i found kind of strange, it does apply clear so its not like you're applying make up but it just felt wrong applying an eyeliner especially when I'd literally just taken off my make up.

It claims that it'll give you fast results within 7 days - i personally didn't notice any difference in the length of my lashes after those 7 days which is a little disappointing but the fine print does say to allow up 4-6 weeks as each persons growth cycle is different. I do understand that it'll work differently on different people but i just think it's rather misleading to boast that results are visible within 7 days when realistically you have to allow up to 4-6 weeks.

Even after the 4 week i still don't see any difference in my lashes - which is disappointing especially when this product retails for £24.99, it's a lot of money to spend on a product that doesn't give the results it promises. It does recommend using a hot towel prior to use as it's been proven to enhance the effect of Quickmax so I'm wondering whether that's why i haven't seen any results or maybe it's just my lashes being stubborn?

So far, I'm disappointed in this product as its not exactly cheap and for the price is it, id expect it to do something but i am going to keep trying it out to see if hitting the 6 weeks marks makes a difference and i may also try the hot cloth tip it mentions to see if that helps.

Have you tried the Quickmax Eyelash Growth Enhancer, did it give you long lashes?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. I am always a little wary of products that have bold claims. This is quite pricey so you expect to see quite dramatic results. You will have to keep us updated if you see any changes

    1. Yeah me too - im so disappointed in it but ill definitely let you know :)
      Natalie xx

  2. What i'd love is one of these which is applied with an actual mascara wand! I've heard revitalash is very good and I've seen the results but it's very pricey x

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog


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