Summer Goals 2014

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So summer is here and i really want to make the most of this summer. As you get older having a really carefree and fun summer isn't always has easy because things like jobs and money get in the way. Despite all this I'm determined to have a great summer and make many memories so i thought I'd set myself some goals:

1. Read at least 5 books
It doesn't sound much but I've really struggled to get into reading lately - so i want to try and spend a couple of hours less on my laptop and spend those reading.

2. Get a Tattoo
I already have three but i really want another two - i have an idea of what it is that i want to get, i just need to go and get them both booked.

3. Do some OOTDS
I don't know how likely i am to do this one because although, i really want to try and incorporate more fashion into my blog - I'm not all that photogenic and I'm not all that fashionable either but we shall see. I definitely want to give it a try at least and maybe aim to get at least one done and who knows, if it works out i might make it a regular thing.

4. Take more photos
Things always happen and i kick myself i didn't take a photo - i love instagram but i don't update it half as much as i wish i did. So I'm determined to take more photos, and update my instagram more (follow me here, if you're interested)

5. Eat More Fruit
A slightly boring goal but as i eat out a lot and not always very healthy choices i want to try and incorporate more fruit into my diet.

6. Have lots of days out
I want to have more days out - even if it's just little adventures to the beach, Southport or slightly more pricey days out like Alton Towers, Chester Zoo etc... I want to try and do more and have more exciting days out.

7. Start including Lifestyle posts
I want to start including more lifestyle posts into my blog - this links into the above goal of taking more photos. I don't often have full busy days with exciting plans especially when I'm working but i definitely want to try and do more, even if it's just a small outing.

So that is my list of goals for summer - they're not all too exciting, just little things and improvements that I'd like to try and do!

Have you set yourself any goals for summer?
Natalie xx


  1. I want to read more books this summer too. Instead of being on my laptop as much. I've had a few books in my to read pile for a while now.

    1. Same, my pile just keeps growing and i dont seem to get anywhere with it!
      Natalie xx

  2. It's always good to have goals! I hope you have a lovely summer, looking forward to hearing about your adventures :)

    Jess xo

    1. Aw thank you :)
      i hope you do too!
      Natalie xx


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