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Mac Creme Cup | L'oreal Rose Melody | Kiko 803 | Elf Runway Pink | Mac Snob | Shaka Angel Rose
Like many beauty bloggers I'm sure, i have an ever-growing collection of lip products varying in shades, formulas and finishes. One of my most worn shades is pink; it's my go to everyday shade and also a great colour to pair with a bolder eye look when you want a more dressed up look. So in honour of my most worn shade, i thought id share with you some of my most worn pink lip products.

Mac Lipstick in Creme Cup
This is a lipstick i never knew i needed in my collection until i had it. It's a beautiful pink nude shade and its so versatile; it's works great as an everyday shade giving you a pop of colour to the lips whilst remaining very natural but it also looks really pretty paired with a more bold smokey eye look as the shade really compliments it nicely. It has a creme sheen formula which i think might be my favourite out of the Mac Lipsticks as it's really creamy and moisturising to wear on the lips. If there was one shade i would recommend from Mac it would definitely be this one. I've used up so much of mine already and it is one lipstick i will continue to repurchase as it is a staple in my make up collection.

L'oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in Rose Melody
This is a beautiful rose pink shade with a hint of shimmer - i normally don't like shimmer in lip products but this is quite subtle and it actually looks really nice. It is technically a liquid lipstick but i personally think it has more of a similar consistency to a lip gloss - i don't know if its just this shade that's like that but i love it nonetheless. It's a really love colour to wear on it's own for an easy glossy lip but it also looks really nice on top of other pink nude lipsticks to give them that added glossiness and shimmer. It has a doufat application which makes it nice and easy to apply - i personally find that this does need reapplying alot which is unusual for a liquid lipstick but i do really like this and it definitely a lip product i find myself reaching for a lot.

Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo in 803
I've mentioned this a lot on my blog, whenever I'm stuck on what lip colour to wear this is my fail safe product. It's a really beauty pink toned nude and it has very similar formula to the Revlon Lip Butters which i think is one of the reasons i like it so much as they have really good colour pay off and it's so moisturising on the lips. These are the perfect lip combination rolled into one as they combine the pigmentation of a lipstick, the formulation of a lip balm and the shine of a lip gloss.

ELF Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink
I've had this for the longest time and this used to be my go to everyday lipstick until i got obsessed with make up and my collection expanded. Again, this is a lovely pink toned nude - a perfect everyday colour and also a great shade to compliment a bold eye. The mineral lipsticks are from the slightly more expensive range but they are really nice quality lip products. They have a really creamy and moisturising formula, their pigmented and they last pretty well too. This is one of the products that i don't use for ages but i fall back in love with it every time i do.

Mac Lipstick in Snob
This was my very 1st Mac Lipstick and it's definitely well loved. It's a blue/lilac toned pink - which is quite unusual shade but it really is lovely. This used to be my go to shade for nights out and its again, it's a shade that goes really well with a smokey eye. Snob is a satin finish; which is quite similar to the matte formula but they have an added sheen to them so they aren't as drying. I've actually not worn this that much lately but writing about it is really making me want to get it back out and wear it. As weird as it sounds; I'll always have a sort of loyalty to this lipstick as it was my very first Mac Lipstick.

Shaka Full Color Gloss in Angel Rose
Shaka is an Italian brand that i don't think is available over here. I picked this up on a whim and it's prove to be a firm favourite - it is a really creamy lip gloss and it feels nice to wear on the lips, it's not sticky at all. It's very pigmented, it applies almost like a liquid lipstick and the shade 'Angel Rose' reminds of how i think Snob would be in lip gloss form as it's very similar shade of pink. It's a really lovely lip product and it had a really lovely scent to it too.

So that is some of my most used pink lip products - there are so many others that i like a lot but these are the ones that I've used up the most and the ones i always find myself going back to time and time again.

What's your most worn pink lip products?
Natalie xx

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  1. My lipstick collection is so limited & I seem to wear Pinks a lot too. Im loving your favourite selection especially the elf Runway Pink - its very pretty & subtle

    1. Aw thanks! Runway Pink is an old favourite - ive used up so much of it!
      Natalie xx

  2. I've wanted rose melody for so long now, I'm going to have to get it now. x


    1. Its so lovely, id definitely recommend it :)
      Natalie xx

  3. Creme cup, one day i will own you!!


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