Review | Essence Blush Up Powder Blush in Heatwave

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When i first saw this Essence Blush Up Powder in Heatwave* i just had to try it as i thought it looks like the perfect blush shade for spring/summer. Heatwave is an ombre shade going from Orange to Coral to Pink. It's actually a terrifying shade in the pan - it is so bright and definitely a product you need to apply with a light hand because it is way more pigmented than you think it's going to be so a little definitely goes a very long way.

It's a really lovely blush; it's good quality, has good colour pay off, it's long lasting and it gives a pop of colour to the cheeks. It's a really great product but i just don't love it as much as i thought i would when I'd first seen it but that's more my issue than it being anything to do with the product itself. I'm not too crazy about the packaging - i think it's quite plain and boring and i think they could have made it a bit more exciting but the casing is very sturdy which is good.

It is a nice blush; good quality and affordable but my high expectations have left me feeling a little disappointed as i just don't love it as much as i thought i would. Does anyone else do that? Think that they're gonna really love a product and then don't and not because there is anything wrong with the product or it that just me?

If you are someone who wants an insanely bright summery blush and want something budget friendly this might be the one for you!

Have you tried it?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. This definitely looks like my kind of shade but I can see where you're coming from about the packaging! xx

    1. It's so bright - yeah, the packaging kind of lets down the brightness of the shade!
      Natalie xx


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