Heart & Home Mini Candles

Heart & Home Mini Candles

I absolutely love burning candles especially on an evening when I'm ready to wind down and relax. I recently used up my ESPA Restorative Candle and was in need of some new ones so when i was kindly offered to try some Heart & Home Mini Candles* there was no way i could refuse.

Heart & Home Mini Candles

Heart & Home Mini Candles

I received two Heart & Home Mini Candles in Jasmine Daydream and French Vanilla*, I love using mini candles as i find they're a great way to test out lots of different scents before you commit to buying a big jar candle. I always find with candles they can often smell different from when you first smell them to how they smell when burning so a mini candles are a good way to see if you like it first without spending a lot more money on a bigger sized candle first.

Jasmine Daydream, i think might be my favourite out of the two - it's quite a strong floral scent which isn't really something i like in candles but it's not as strong or as overpowering when it's burning, it's actually really relaxing and it smells a lot nicer.

French Vanilla is quite a sickly sweet scent - I love the scent of Vanilla but i always find vanilla scented candles to be quite sickly but I've not burned this one yet so if it's like the other candle were the scent isn't as strong when burning then i think this will be lovely.

Heart & Home Mini Candles

I'm enjoying burning these candles at the moment; they burn down nicely and as i keep mentioning i love how the scent they give off is not as strong as they smell before burning but they still give off a really pleasant scent. These candles are made from a renewable and sustainable soy wax too which i think is amazing because they makes them really environmentally friendly.

There are four scents including French Vanilla, Jasmine Daydream, Lily of the Valley and Fresh Lime and they will be available to buy in a few weeks.

Whats you favourite candle?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. I have these strawberry candles from Ikea and they're so nice. They smell like Calpol. My favourites are the Airwick Mulled Wine ones you get at Christmas though!

    Jegz xo http://jegz-loves-tea.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Oh the strawberry ones sounds lovely - ill have to have a look whenever i next get to Ikea!
      Natalie xx


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