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Studio 10 Face Definer | Benefit Hoola | Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer | Sleek Contour Kit | H&M Bronzer

Bronzer and Contour powder are products I've really gotten into using over the past year and in that time I've accumulated quite a few products. So continuing with my Top 5 Series; i thought I'd share with you my top 5 bronzer and contour powders - in no particular order:

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Studio 10 Visible Life Face Definer* | Review Here
I'm a little bit obsessed with the contour powder in this palette at the moment - I've talked about it a lot on my blog lately but it really is just the perfect contour powder and quite possibly the best one I've tried so far, maybe even holy grail material! It's slightly grey toned so it gives a more natural and realistic look to the face when contouring and defining the cheeks. It's so easy to use and it blends out really naturally, i can see results so quickly when i use this and i don't have to spend absolutely ages building it up. I have to admit i am seriously smitten with this product.

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Benefit Hoola
I really like Hoola because its a really natural looking bronzer and it's very versatile too - you can use this to give that all over sun kissed bronze look but because it's a matte bronzer it's also really good for contouring. This bronzer is more brown toned so it looks much nicer on and you don't need to worry about it looking muddy on the face, which is something that i always worry about when it comes to bronzers as i have quite fair skin. It's such an easy bronzer to apply and it blends out really well and looks natural too.

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Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzer | Review Here
Aka the Chocolate bronzer - I was very late to the bandwagon with this bronzer but it quickly became one of my favourites to use. It definitely has more of an orange tone to it than the others but it's not heavily pigmented so it look really nice when applied. The light orange tone really helps with getting that perfect golden bronze/sun kissed look but i also find you can use it to contour, it does have a slight shimmer to it so i apply it with a very light hand if I'm using it to add a bit of definition to the face. This bronzer also has a really lovely scent to it - people say it smells of chocolate but i don't smell that to me it has more of a tropical holiday kind of scent.

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Sleek Contour Kit in Light
This is the product i go back to time and time again especially for nights out. I have this in the shade light and it is actually quite scary looking in the pan because it looks so dark but it does apply a really colour. It's quite pigmented so i find a little bit goes a long way and i try to use a light hand when applying and i like to spend time blending it out and working it into the skin - i worry about it looking to harsh and it's easier to add and build up on it, than it is to take away. If you are someone that likes a heavy contour then this kit is definitely worth checking out. This also comes with a highlighter which i really like because i find it compliments the contour really well and it looks really lovely on a night out.

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H&M Bronzing Powder in Golden Tan | Review Here
My review of this is so old - excuse the quality. This was one of the very first bronzers i ever bought when i first started getting into make up and it was because of CosmeticsCharlotte72 as she always featured this in her videos. I've actually used this loads but because the pan is so big it looks like its barely been touched - this is the cheapest one out of them all and you definitely get your monies worth. It's a very light bronzer; again, perfect for that all over bronzed look - this is perfect for someone starting out in make up or someone who doesn't feel very confident applying bronzer because its so light but it's also very easy to build up without overdoing it and because it's a matte bronzer you can use it to contour as well.

Those are my top 5 Bronzers and Contour Powders - contouring in particular has because a big part of my make up and its also one of my favourite parts of my make up routine, i really enjoy applying it! It can make such a difference to your appearance especially for someone like me who has slightly chubby cheeks, it's a great way to add definition the face and fake the appearance of defined cheek bones.

What's your favourite bronzer or contour powder?
Natalie xx

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*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. I've heard so much stuff about hoola. I need to try it! Xx

  2. I LOVE Hoola and the Bourjois one is a new addition and I'm loving it. I might need to try out the Sleek kit too, it looks like a really good size.


    1. You do, the Sleek kit is lovely!
      Natalie xx

  3. I love and have the Sleek contour, I think I need to invest in Hoola bonzer though!
    lovely post x
    Holley Marie


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