101 Things in 1,001 Days | Update #7

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It's taken me a while to finish another 10 items which makes me kind of sad but I'm also quite impressed that I've completed 70 out of the 101 items - it's quite scary that the challenge ends in December, the time has gone so fast. I'm actually already thinking of goals to put on another one after I've finished this up as i really enjoyed setting myself the goals and i feel alot more encouraged to try and complete them.

61. Get rid of my overdraft/pay it back
This is possibly one of the best aims I've achieved of this list. I honestly thought i would never get out of it - getting an overdraft is one of the worst decisions i made and whilst at the time it was really helpful it's been a really vicious circle to get out of and I'm so glad its no longer a worry for me.

62. Sort my photos into albums
For my 18th birthday my nan bought me a lovely photo album and it was just sitting on top of my wardrobe unloved and i had a box full of photos that need sorted. So i picked out my favourites and put them all into the album so that i can look over then much easier and i love having them all in the one album.

63. Buy a domain for my blog
I wanted to do this for so long but i got really worried about doing it in case it all went wrong and i wasn't able to do it. I absolutely love my blog being a .co.uk as even though it doesn't make a massive difference i feel like its a bit more professional looking and its so much easier to type or to tell people.

64. Redesign my blog
I get bored of my blog design quite often and ironically I'm considering changing it again as I'm just not 100% satisfied with it, I'm sure all bloggers feel this way too. This was the first time i actually paid for a template and it was really easy to do.

65. Go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach (again)
Ive been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach many times before but it had been so long and i really wanted to go back again for the day - which we did back in May and i had a really lovely day and it was so much fun!

66. Go on the Big One (Pepsi Max) at BPB
Linking into the last one, whenever I've gone to Blackpool I've always avoiding the Big One because of the big drop at the start. There's been so many times when I've queued up for it then changed my mind and ran out of the queue but this time i did it and i really enjoyed it. The drop at the start was quite scary but i was very proud of myself for going on it and id definitely go on it again.

67. Drink more water!
I was really proud of myself for this because i started drinking so much more water than i ever have done. I would drink multiple bottles throughout the day unfortunately I've not been sticking to this as much lately but i did drink more for a good few weeks - must get back on top of it.

68. Buy an Item of Make Up from Nars
I finally treated myself to the Nars Blush in Sin - it had been on my wish list for a really long time and back in June i decided to treat myself to it and I'm so glad i did because i absolutely love it.

69. Go to the cinema at least 10 times
I enjoy going to the cinema but i find that i don't go as often as id like to so i set this goal to try and encourage myself to go there more. I definitely want to try and go more.

70. Try Contact Lenses
I did a post on this (see here) - I've wanted to try contacts again for a while and i finally booked myself in for a trial and so far so good

Are you challenging yourself to 101 things in a 1,001 days?
Natalie xx


  1. I love these updates :D! Well done on what you have achieved, especially the getting out of your over draft :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. Aw thank you! That is definitely my favourite acheivement haha!
      Natalie xx


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