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I mentioned in my Life Lately post that I've been trialling Contacts Lenses. I tried them years ago when i was 16 but it didn't work out too well and at the time i just don't think i was ready enough for them. I was told i had astigmatism in both my eyes and because of that i had to have lenses that had to go a specific way in my eye (they had writing on them, that had to be positioned at the bottom of the eye) and it was a lot of hassle and at 16 i just don't think i was patient enough for them.

I trialled them and even signed up to them but stopped using them within days because they were moving around in my eye and if the writing on the lens moved out of place it irritated my eyes and it was generally uncomfortable. Also, because of the astigmatism i could only get monthly lenses which really annoyed me because i wanted to have the daily disposable lenses.

So that experience kind of put me off them and i decided that i was just going to stick to my glasses... but 6/7 years later i decided to give them another go. I love my glasses but i just fancied a change; sometimes i feel like my glasses can really ruin a look or sometimes aren't very flattering and i also hate that I'd spend so much time doing my make up for it to be hidden away by my glasses. So for those reasons and others, i decided to book myself a trial and give them ago.

I'm at a completely different opticians to where i was first time round and because I'm a lot older now i feel like I'm more ready for them.

During my appointment; they checked over my eyes and i was informed that i actually only have a slight astigmatism in my right eye but i could actually get away with wearing completely normal lenses which made me very happy because i don't have to worry about placing it a certain way in my eye - which is what i think made the last time so unpleasant - it did also make me a little concerned that the last place made me believe that the astigmatism was in both. I'm also able to trial daily lenses which makes me very happy.

So far, the trial is going okay; i still find it very bizarre when i have them in and i always find myself pushing up my glasses even though they aren't there. Sometimes i worry the prescription may not be right for me because my eyes feel a little funny when i wear them but I'm still getting used to a new prescription of my glasses to so I'm wondering whether it's something to do with that but we shall see how it goes and if I'm still unsure by the end of the trial, I'll let them know at my next appointment.

So yeah, something very different to my usual beauty ramblings but i shall let you know if i decide to stick with them or whether they are just not for me.

Do you use contact lenses?
Natalie xx


  1. I've tried them a few times but seem to find them really painful!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. Aw thats not good :/ i'm getting on with these a lot better than i did the last ones but im very aware of them in my eyes which feels weird haha
      Natalie xx

  2. Its something i've always wanted to do but i hate my face without my glasses ahh! :(
    Love Victoriajanex

    1. Aw, i find it so bizarre seeing my face without glasses haha!
      Natalie xx


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