Life Lately #2 | September

Life Lately #2 | September

Sweets for the Bag It Beat It Launch in Work | Trip to Ikea | Ikea Pick 'n' Mix | Late Night Starbucks
Max Factor Sparkling Berry | Trialling Contacts | Salted Caramel Green Tea, The Killing & Doodling | Red Lip
Night out with the Bestie | Pot Pourri (It made a pretty photo) | Another Doodle | Afternoon Tea at the Mad Hatters Tea Pot

I've never done a photo diary post before mainly because i either haven't done anything that interesting or i just haven't taken any photos. I always see posts like this on other blogs and there some of my favourites to read so i decided to have a go at one. It's not overly exciting but I've tried my best to take more photos.

I've spent alot of this month going on drives to random places including Ikea and the Mad Hatters Tea Pot - which might i add is amazing, especially if like me you are obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and tea - during these drives I've developed an addiction to Caramel Macchiatos, like seriously why did i not try these before?

I went to a CΛVES gig Friday night as well in Salford at a very unusual pub - it looks like an absolute dive outside but the inside was quite unusual, especially the room that the gig was in i really liked it in there - i didn't actually take a photo though otherwise id have included it above. The band played really well as usual - id definitely recommend checking them out.

In other news, i now officially have contact lenses (yay!) however, I've not had chance to wear  them all that much as i don't want to wear them for work but I'm currently doing a heck of a lot of hours in work covering staff (I'm doing 104 hours, i normally only do 16-20 a week) so I'm very tired at the moment, a lot of the posts going up over the next few weeks are actually scheduled because i didn't want to not post but i wont have a great deal of time during the weeks.

I'm going to stop rambling now, but i really hope you enjoy this photo diary style post and please let me know i you do as i will definitely do more!

Natalie xx

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