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I'm pretty certain i can vouch for most females when i say that all i want is to have naturally long lashes without dealing with the hassle of false lashes. For me, false lashes are even more of a pain because i wear glasses full time and unless the lashes are a certain length i have to deal with them battering the lens every time i blink which is rather annoying.

Step in the Magnifibres Brush on Lashes - this product claims to instantly lengthen lashes by 5mm. To use this you apply your mascara as normal then apply the magnifibres onto your mascara (do this straight away when the lashes are still wet) you apply the Magnifibres exactly like you would a mascara, brushing the fibres onto the lashes. To give the fibres chance to stick to the lashes wait about 30-60 seconds and then apply another coat of your mascara to cover the white fibres.

The idea behind the brush on fibres is that it gives an immediate false lash effect - giving both length and volume and because they stick to your own lashes it looks much more natural.

The very first time i used this i wasn't all that impressed, I'd expected it to make my lashes ridiculously long and i was little bit miffed that it didn't. However, i persisted with it (i mainly only wear it on nights out) and after finding the best way to make it work for me, I'm actually really enjoying wearing it. It still doesn't make the lashes as long as i first though but it does give me fuller and more volumised lashes that looks natural and my lashes don't hit my glasses lens which makes me very happy.

Magnifibres works with any mascara at all but i do find you get different results depending on the mascara you use.

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In the photos above; I'm using the Essence Lashes Go Wild Volume Mascara* (Review here) which as the name suggests focuses more on volumising the lashes - which it does a really lovely job of doing - so using the magnifibres not only gives length, it also emphasises on the volume of the lashes. Together i think these two make a really amazing team and i absolutely love the way my lashes look - i think they resemble false lashes or lash extensions but they are still more natural looking.

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In these photos, I'm using Benefit They're Real Mascara which is famous for adding length to the lashes. So when it's paired with magnifibres it is the length that is more of a focus. The lashes are already long on before magnifibres but using it adds more length and makes that the focus of the lashes. Again, i really like pairing these two together as i love how my lashes look and i really like that you get a different result than with the other one.

One thing i will say lets this product down is that you have to be careful when applying it because the fibres sometimes fall down during the application and it's not so fun when they fall into your eye. It has only happened to me one but it's still better to be careful as it's not so pleasant.

This retails for £21 but i have found it a bit cheaper on other sites. It is a little pricey but i think i would repurchase this because it gives me the effects of wearing false lashes without the entire hassle of actually wearing them.

Have you tried Magnifibres or know of a cheaper alternative?
Natalie xx

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