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I'm sure you're starting to notice by now that i have a bit of a thing for tinted lip balms - i don't know why I'm just always drawn to it. I think it's something to do with having the benefits of a lip balm but still being able to get a hint of colour on the lips.

The Essence Glow Tinted Lip Balms* are of two of the latest additions to my collection; they are really affordable and really moisturising on the lips - they're so creamy too, they literally just glide onto the lips. Considering these are tinted lip balms they are ridiculous pigmented - you honestly wouldn't think its a lip balm. They almost leave a subtle stain on the lips and because of that they last pretty well. The shine from the balm does fade over time but the colour remains.

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Brighten Up! is a pink shade which despite how it looks in the bullet it is actually quite bright - It is a beautiful colour though. Unfortunately, this lip balm melted a little when we had the really warm weather - it is still usable but its a bit annoying when it falls out.

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Light Up! Is of course a red shade, like i could resist - well it's supposed to be red but i think it looks like more of a bright pink. In the photo it actually looks really similar to the pink one - which makes no sense at all but it's really lovely all the same.

At first application it doesn't look that bright but give it a few seconds to sit on the lips and the colour actually gets brighter. These are quite different to usual lip balms because they are glow tinted which means you can layer the colour up and get a more intense shade depending on your preference. These are really lovely lip products and a great alternative if you're not a huge fan of lipstick but would still like a hint of colour on the lips.

Have you tried the Essence Glow Tinted Lip Balms?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. Ooh I love the look of these- I can't resist a tinted lip balm either :)

    1. I always end up buying them, its ridiculous haha!
      Natalie xx

  2. These colours are lovely, they really suit you. I love your top in the second photo!
    alice xo | beautybyalicee

  3. These look super nice! I'm always walking past the Essence isle in Wilkos

    Love VictoriaJanex

    1. Oh you should definitely have a look next time you're in there - it's got some good quality products considering they're insanely cheap!
      Natalie xx


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