Rimmel Lasting Finish with Comfort Serum Foundation

Rimmel Lasting Finish with Comfort Serum Foundation

I actually had no intention of buying anymore foundation because i have more than enough for just one face but after seeing Velvet Gh0st trial it out in one of her vlogs curiosity got the better of me. Also, the fact that it was on offer for £4.98 in Savers just made it that much more appealing.
I have the serum version (red top) of this foundation; I'm not quite sure how this differs to the other version (white top) as I've not tried that out but i do however really like this version.

In terms of foundation i tend to go for a very light coverage so this is very different to what i normally go for and to what I'm used to wearing because it has quite a high coverage. It actually blends out really nicely and gives the skin a flawless finish whilst still looking natural - which is very important to me. I don't like foundation that is cakey or that looks really obviously on. This does feel a little heavier on the skin in comparison to others I've used but once it sinks into the skin it barely feels like you're wearing anything.

This foundation is available in 7 shades - unfortunately it doesn't have the widest selection and for people with a much darker skin tone there doesn't seem to be an option which is quite disappointing and Rimmel are definitely limiting their audience by not catering for all skin tones. I have the shade '100 Ivory' which is the second lightest shade - this shade seems to match my skin tone really well and I like to apply this with my RT Buffing Brush as it works really well at working the product into the skin and blending it out to create a flawless base.

It claims to last for 25 hours - I've not worn it for that long so i can't quite comment on that theory but it does last really well for the length of time i have worn it. I do also set it with face powder though so that could also be a factor in it's lasting power.

I honestly really like this foundation; I particularly enjoy wearing this on nights out because it leaves my skin looking flawless whilst covering blemishes and i really like how it looks. It's definitely a change to what i normally wear but I've been enjoying the finish and the coverage it gives and i can see this being my go to winter base.

Have you tried this foundation? What's your favourite foundation to wear in the winter months?
Natalie xx

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