Topshop Bronzer in Mohawk

Topshop Bronzer in Mohawk

This is a product that i picked up recently from a blog sale; i didn't actually realise that Topshop had released bronzers so i when i saw this being sold i decided to pick it up and give it a try. As i picked it up in a blog sale, it has already been used slightly hence why the Topshop indentation has started to fade but despite that there is still a good amount of product left.

Topshop Bronzer in Mohawk

I adore Topshop packaging and this is no different; it has they usual edgy sketched design that runs through all the products but this also has mirrored casing which i really like, i think it's so pretty and so different from the usual black and white packaging they have.

I've been using this bronzer almost every single day; normally i only use bronzers to contour and add a little definition to my face but I've been loving wearing this to add some colour into my face. It is a matte bronzer though, so it could easily be used to contour with. The pigmentation is that excellent on this which i know would be an issue for some people but i actually quite like that because the application is quite subtle and looks really natural, you could definitely build up the colour though if you wanted more of a heavier application.

Mohawk is more of a brown-toned bronzer which i much prefer as it's a lot more natural looking whereas orange toned bronzers can sometimes leave you quite muddy looking which is one of the reasons i only tend to contour with bronzer rather than using it bronze up the face but with this it's so much easier to do.

This is fast becoming a favourite in my make up bag and i don't quite know how i missed when these were released or that they existed as i don't think they've been mentioned all that much on blogs or youtube either. This bronzer is still for sale on the Topshop website but it has different packaging to mine so whether its been change i don't know.

Have you tried the Topshop Bronzer in Mohawk?
Natalie xx


  1. I love the way Topshop makeup looks, this looks particularly nice :)

    Bethan Likes

    1. Me too, they're packaging is some of my favourites!
      Natalie xx


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