How I Blog #5 | Blogging on a Budget

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Running a blog can be a rather pricey business and one that can feel quite difficult when there is so many frequent new releases. As well as wanting new make up yourself you also want your blog to feature all the latest products too to keep it current and up to date. Now, I'm not necessarily always on a tight budget and like most i don't always have the luxury of constantly buying myself new products and even so, a lot of the high end products i own have either been Christmas or birthday presents or things i have bought with vouchers and only had to contribute a minor amount of money towards so i don't actually spend as much as you may think.

Some months are tight than others for instance I'm currently in the process of saving for a holiday next year and also Christmas is fast approaching so i need extra money to buy presents so i thought I'd share wit you some tips and things that help me when I'm blogging on a budget or for when moneys just a bit tight in general.

Use What You Have
Having all the latest product is great but there are so many things and so many posts you can do with the things you already have. If you have been blogging for a while like myself then I'm sure you will have accumulated quite a collection of products - when I'm stuck for ideas or i don't have the spare money to go out and buy something new i shop my stash, you'll be surprised at the amount of post ideas you can generate; posts about products you've rediscovered, products that have disappointed you, posts about your favourite products - I'm currently doing a Top 5 series sharing my favourites, feature products in FOTD posts or show multiple ways to use the products. There are so many post ideas you can come up with, you just have to be creative with what you have got.

If there's a product you really want to feature on your blog but don't have the money to buy it, include it in a wishlist - tell us why you want it. I don't often do wishlist posts but i have done them in the past when there's been a few products I've really wanted and not been able to go out and buy.

If you are on a really tight budget; challenge yourself - do a spending ban, a project 10 pan or just challenge yourself to use up products and document it. Not only will you save money because it doesn't require any spending but it will generate content for your blog, and on top of that it prevents any products going to waste because you'll be using them up.

Must Haves
If there really is a product that you really really want and absolutely can not live without - read plenty of reviews, see what other people think and decide if you still think its worth buying or wait for offers; Boots are frequently holding 3 for 2 events or have offers that offer money off different brands. If you're a bit more patient ask for it for your birthday or for Christmas.

Only Buy What You Need
Try and use up the products you already have and only replace things as you need them - this also links in with shopping your stash; for example, if you've used up your concealer have a look whats in your collection first, and if there isn't any then go and buy a new one. I do my best to try and do this all year round but I'm not always successful, on months that i do have more of a tighter budget though i do find this quite helpful.

Keep an eye out for giveaways; whether its brands giving away items on twitter or your favourite bloggers hosting them. You can win some seriously amazing stuff - i know I've been very fortunate to win some amazing giveaways in the past. Now I'm not saying go and enter every single one for the sake of it because there is nothing worse than those stupid 'giveaway accounts' but if it is something you are genuinely interested in winning, then what have you got to lose. As Dale Winton says; you've got to be in it to win it.

I realise this post is slightly more on the rambly side but i hope these tips and bits of advice are helpful either way. I'm fortunate enough to not always been on a really tight budget but sometimes there are months when money is tight and i have bills and other priorities to think about before i feed my make up addiction.

Do you have any tips for blogging on a budget?

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  1. I love this post, it can be difficult sometimes, I know I am often on a tight budget. It's nice to know you can blog without spending money!

    Bethan Likes

    1. There are so many ways you can keep your content fresh without spending money unnessacerily.
      Im really glad you liked the post :)
      Natalie xx

  2. I love doing wishlists and I feel like people like reading them:) great that I do not have to buy anything for them!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

    1. I enjoy reading wishlists, it always interests me to see what other people are pining for - although it usually results in me wanting things off them too haha
      Natalie xx

  3. I love me a good wishlist post even though it usually makes my wishlist even longer,but hey it's free right?hahaha but I love this because blogging is very expensive and it's okay to not have ALL the newest stuff,this post definitely gave me good ideas,so definitely gunna check back to this so thank you Cutie!(:

    1. Aw thank you!
      Im so glad you found this helpful :)
      Natalie xx


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