How To | My Autumn Lip

How To | My Autumn Lip

One of my favourite things about Autumn is the colours associated especially when it comes to make up - I've been sporting quite a bold Autumn lip of late, especially on nights out so i thought for today's post i would share it with you along with how i like to apply it.

How To | My Autumn Lip

How To | My Autumn Lip

The Preparation
Before i apply any lip products i always like to apply lip balm to moisturise and soften my lips. I actually do this before i apply any make up so that it gives it time to absorb.

With a bold lip; i like to take a bit more extra care when it comes to my lips because it's not a pleasant to see a lipstick clinging to dry and cracked lips. So to start with i like to scrub my lips with the Wilko Lip Service Apricot Lip Scrub to remove any dry or excess skin - if you don't have a lip scrub, use a old toothbrush and gently brush it in circles along the lip and it will give you the same results. I then go in with a lip balm - i usually grab the nearest one to me which at the moment is the Hurraw Lime Lip Balm.

How To | My Autumn Lip

How To | My Autumn Lip

Lining the Lips
Now i know i may look a little odd in the photo but do bear with me. The lip liner that I'm using is the MUA Intense Colour Lip Liner in Brooding Plum. Lip liner is a step i never miss out when it comes to a bold lip because not only does it stop the lipstick from bleeding out but you can use the lip liner to shape your lips and define them in any way you like. I personally just follow my natural lip line but add a little emphasis on my cupids bow.

After I've lined my lips, i like to take a make up brush and blend the liner out slightly. This may seem a bit off but because the liner is a perfect match for the lipstick i like to blend it out a little so that it won't be too harsh when you do apply your lipstick. However, you do want to be careful that you don't completely erase the lip line so blend with a light hand.

How To | My Autumn Lip

The Lipstick
The lipstick I'm using is Mac's Rebel - of course, it's such a perfect option for Autumn. Now you could just go straight in with the bullet if your prefer but i prefer to take the brush i used earlier and apply it that way. Not only does it give you a more neater and a more precise application but it allows you to the build the colour up to the intensity you prefer.

Before i move onto the final step i do like to blot my lips with tissue and whilst holding the tissue over the lips i take my powder brush (with a little powder on) and light press it against the tissue and my lips - i don't know how this works but doing this really helps it stay in place. Once I've blotted the lips i do like to apply a little more on top to maintain the colour.

How To | My Autumn Lip

The Clean-Up
My final step is the line around the lipstick again, but this time i take the Studio 10 Age Reverse Perfecting Lip Liner* in the shade Universal and using the lightest side that is a nude almost skin tone shade (you can also use a concealer to do this as well) Doing this helps to define and neaten up the shape of the lips.

It may seem like a lot of steps to apply a lipstick but i find this really helps in achieving a really neat lip and it also really helps to prolong its wear. I wear this a lot for nights out and i barely ever need to touch it up throughout the night - if i do i just apply it straight for the bullet and dab it lightly onto the lips.

What's your go-to Autumn Lip?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. This is very beautiful.

  2. Rebel is my fave Autumn colour. Looks fab.

    Jegz xo

  3. Looks amazing, the colour really suits you :)
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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