Life Lately #3 | October

Life Lately #3 | October

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Firstly, my little corner of the internet hit 800 followers this month - how?! It baffles me that so many people follow my blog but im genuinely grateful for each and every follower, blogging is a massive part of my life and i dont think it'd be half as fun without the community and interaction that comes along with it. So thank you to everyone that follows my blog and to the people who frequently leave comments - i appreciate it so much.

Speaking of blogging; i'm feeling a little stuck at the moment - at least thats the only way i can describe it, i'm not lacking inspiration as i've had many sessions where ive planned out lots of post ideas and it's made me feel really excited and creative but its what comes after that i've found myself stuck at. I had planned a few posts for this weekend and some for this week too but instead of being my usual organised self i've just found myself not doing them. I feel like i need a change - i love doing beauty and it's the topic that my blog will always be based around but sometimes i feel like maybe i post about it too much? I don't know, any feedback would be helpful. Do you feel like i should mix it up more? Less product reviews, more make up looks, more lifestyle?

In other news, October has been quite a crazy month for me. At the start of the month i was running the shop i work in on my own as my manager was off sick and then went on holiday so i was in charge for about 3 weeks which was very scary,very exhausting and rather stressful. Thankfully, it was all worth it come to payday as all the overtime meant the total amount was very pleasing.

October also saw Halloween come and go - it also meant that the Halloween party my friends had been planning since March finally happen. The build up was a big stress as the theme was Marvel VS DC and personally i'm a complete novice when it comes to that, i only knew a select of the heroes and also if you have seen many of the female heroes their clothes are practically none existant, so for someone like me who doesn't exactly have figure of the year it was quite difficult to find something that i'd be comfortable in and still fit the bill.

I went through an insane amount of options but in the end settled on Catwoman but instead of a catsuit i wore a lacy dress and made sure i had all the accessories so it was a bit more obvious who i was. I was actually really happy with the end result because a lot of the items i'd done myself, for instance, i made my own whip, i made my own claws by filing spare false nails and then painting them black, i bought all the bits and pieces i need, cut up gloves etc... and i personally feel it all came together quite well. I did plan to do a big post on my costume and the party in general but i was in a bit of a rush after work to get ready that i didnt take any photos of all the little bits or of a full length of my costume (there is a few featured in the montage above and on my instagram too) Despite wanting to have a normal halloween party (i love doing all the gory make up) it turned out to be a really great night and everyone looked awesome.

So yeah, October has been quite a manic and in some respect strange but i now have a week off that i'm going to take full advantage of it - i'm going to chill out, hopefully get back into my blogging routine and spend times with my friends!

Hope you had a good October!
Natalie xx

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