Lifestyle | 101 Things in 1,001 Days: Update #8 and the Ones I Didn't Complete!

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First things first, Id recommend getting a drink before you sit down for this one as it's gonna be a looooong post and before i even jump into the main post i wanted to say that i did actually plan on blogging everyday this month. I wasn't necessarily doing Blogmas i just wanted to do lots of posts but due to a busy schedule and not being able to get photos in time meant I've missed the last three days which I'm really disappointed at but i didn't want to sacrifice the quality of the post by including terrible photos for the sake of it.

Onto today's post - on the 11th March 2012 i decided to set myself the challenge of completing a 101 things in 1,001 days and I'm quite proud to say i have completed 79 out of 101, which i think is rather impressive! Since my last 101 things update i have completed a further 9 which are:

71. Read 60 books 60/60
I actually lowered this to 60 from 100 because I've really slacked on my reading the past few years so i lowered it to make it a bit more realistic - although, i don't quite know how i managed to read 60 books either at the pace I've been reading.

72. Introduce Lifestyle Posts into my Blog
I've made a big effort with this lately - i hope you've noticed and are enjoying them. I love beauty and it will always be the primary topic for this blog but i think it's nice to throw in some more personal post where you get to know me a little better or see what I'm up to.

73. Drink More Green Tea
Technically, it was Salted Caramel Green Tea but i still think it counts..I really enjoyed them and because of that i found myself drinking it a lot more regularly.

74. Start a saving account
I really slacked with this one but since i am going on holiday next year and i need to pay for it - I'm using my savings account to save up for the holiday so technically its a bit of a cheat but it still counts okay!

75. Try Cooking more Healthy Meals
I challenged myself to cook 3 different ones in total and i did. I'm still working on my diet and improving it but this was a start at least.

76. Buy a Full Size Yankee Candle
This is a total cheat because i didn't actually buy a full size Yankee Candle but i was given one (not a blog gift, it was from a friend) and it seemed silly for me to go out and buy another one when i had one already so I've crossed it off because i do have a full size yankee candle.

77. Go a proper Halloween Party
Ive always wanted to go to a proper halloween party and this halloween i did and it was brilliant. The party was Marvel Vs DC theme and i had a lot of fun.

78. Go to the Lake District
I hadn't been in ages and i really wanted to go again and at the beginning of November i got to - it was a such a lovely day and i really wanna go back and spend a couple of days there hopefully in a little cottage or something.

79. Get a Curly Blow
I've always been curious by curly blows but never ever plucked up the courage to get one until the Halloween party - i decided to go and get one done to save me doing my hair as i was in work all that day too. I loved the results and I'll definitely get it done again in the future.

i don't think 79 out of 101 is too bad, as i genuinely didn't think I'd get anywhere near that. So the 22 things that i didn't complete are:

1. Get Business cards printed for my blog.
I really wanted to get these so that i could take them to any events or blogger meet ups i attend but i haven't gotten round to getting them yet because I've decided i want to change up my blog layout so i waiting until I've done that til i design and order any.

2. Get Another Tattoo
This was pretty much down to me not getting round to booking it. I know exactly what i want but I've literally just not got around to going in and making an appointment.

3. Learn How To Drive (or start lessons at least)
I don't why but I've been putting my lessons off for years now. I really want to learn how to drive but a part of me is a little scared so i keep putting it off. Definitely next year though.

4. Go a whole day without Swearing
I don't really know why i haven't done this one. I'm ashamed to admit that i can have quite a potty mouth but I'm really trying to not swear as much because its not a nice habit to have.

5. Go to the Harry Potter Studios in London
This makes me so sad :( i did actually have a trip to London planned and i was hopefully going to go to the tour but things got in the way and it got delayed and then we just didn't get round to booking it which is really sad.

6. Do a Proper OOTD Post
Theres a few reasons as to why i haven't been able to do this. First, i don't have a good background to take the photos - my house is quite small and so it the yard so they wouldn't look good. Secondly, i need someone to take the photos. Thirdly, i don't have a great figure and i have body confidence issues to although i really want to do OOTDS, i get scared and really conscious about it so i always put it off.

7. Get a Proper Skincare Routine
This is purely because I'm still looking for the right set of products that work for me. I'm still trialling out different things and so far I've not settled on a routine that makes me really happy.

8. Watch all Star Wars Movies
I've just not got round to sitting down and watching them - my friends were rather disappointed when they found out i hadn't seen them so i promised i would but I'm still yet to do it. I watched one of them though.

9. Get my eyebrows threaded
I'm really curious to see what its like but like a lot of these last ones i just haven't got around to doing it.

10. Attend IMATS
I was really hoping to go this year but i didn't have anyone to go with so i didn't go.

11. Get Hair Extensions
I really want to have long(er) hair - like down to my waist long and also i think extensions will add some volume to my hair too. I worry about ordering them online incase they don't match my hair so I've just not gotten any yet.

12. Visit Harrods
This would have tied in with the London trip - I've been to London four times and not once have i been in Harrods so next time i go i hope to change that.

13. Drop a dress size
Well, this clearly did not happen because i have a silly sweet tooth.

14. Start a Beauty Channel on Youtube
Technically, i do have an account but i get too scared to upload any videos. One day it will happen but not right now.

15. Learn 3 New Hairstyles
I was getting tired of not knowing what to do with my hair and always wearing the same styles so i wanted to challenge myself to learn some new ones. I did learn a few but not three of them.

16. Get my fortune told/Palm read
Id really love to have this done - but I'm a bit sceptic and i also worry about what they might say. I know, its not factual and to be honest, half of them are just making it up as you go along but i know a part of me would really cling onto what they say and so i always put off having it done.

17. Complete my Mac Eyeshadow Quad
I won a quad palette in a giveaway last Christmas that has one eyeshadow in it and i really wanted to fill it up but i have so many palettes that i can't really justify buying three more eyeshadows that i don't need. I will fill it at some point but i'm not in any rush too.

18. Get the 5 Year Q&A Diary
I love the idea and concept behind this but i just haven't gotten round to ordering myself one.

19. Meet someone famous
This was a random and silly goal but it is possible. Ive met a few famous people but not during this challenge which is a shame.

20. Go to Alton Towers, again
I've only been once before and that was about 7 years ago and i bruised my ribs on Nemisis so i didn't enjoy it quite as much. Id love to go back and go on all the bigger rides that i avoided last time.

21. **** ** ********* **** ******* *** ***** **
This was a personal one that's going to stay personal.

22. Reach 1,000 followers on Blog Lovin'
I'm currently at 826 which is really amazing, and I'm not all that far away from 1000 so it's definitely possible in the next challenge.

So yeah, I've really enjoyed this challenge and i find having these goals and challenge myself with a time limit quite motivating and its so satisfying crossing them off. Ideally, i would have loved to achieve all 101 but 79 is definitely a good amount. I am actually going to start another 101 things in 1001 days in the new year so keep an eye out for that post if you'd like to see my new set of goals.

Have you been doing the 101 things in 1001 days challenge?
Natalie xx


  1. aw it's a shame you didn't get to go to the harry potter studios because it's honestly amazing there, and YOU REALLY DO NEED TO WATCH ALL THE STAR WARS FILMS THEY ARE SO SO SO GOOD well not so much the prequels but at least the original trilogy!!

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

    1. I will get round to them eventually - i promise!
      Natalie xx

  2. 79 out of 101 is brilliant! I still want to go to the Harry
    Potter studios x


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