Merry Christmas (P.S I'm taking a break)

Before i say anything, i just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you all had a really lovely day yesterday and got everything that you wanted and more - i know I've had a lovely few days and I'm extremely grateful for the gifts I've received.

I actually had tonnes of post planned for this week and also the few days I've missed in between posting but the struggle to sometimes get the photos i want, sometimes takes away my motivation and i want to grow my blog and improve it as much as possible and posting mediocre photos that I'm not happy with for the sake of a post isn't a step in the right direction.

I was going to do posts like a Christmas Day Haul, a Christmas Day FOTD and also a Boxing Day Haul; all of which I'm no longer going to bother doing - for one, i completely forgot to take a photo of my make up yesterday and every time i photograph hauls it never turns out right so i decided not to bother - don't worry though, you'll see various items popping up in future posts.

Speaking of Boxing Day Sales; i discovered today that i actually despise sale shopping. Instead of going into my local town me and my sister decided to give Liverpool a try as there is tonnes more shops there and they're bigger than ours too - NEVER AGAIN. Whilst i love spending money and finding a bargain, the actually process of physically shopping was draining - watching people fighting with others over something they probably don't even need but rather like the price tag is just ridiculous. You could tell a lot of people where also stocking up on Christmas present for next year and whilst it might save money i just think it's rather impersonal, buying presents with no-one in mind, just for the sake of it. Next year, my boxing day sales shopping will be done online from the comfort of my own bed.

Anyways, onto the 'taking a break' part - I've decided that I'm going to take a little bit of time off from blogging. I'll be back to posting in the New Year but right now i need to take a step back. I work so hard on some of my posts (i know everyone else does to) but when their is very little reaction, it's quite disheartening and very often leaves me feeling quite deflated. There has been occasions when I've done a post and got little response and then other some bloggers post a similar thing and they get a tonne of views and comments - i know this isn't what blogging is about but it's frustrating sometimes and I'm not trying to insult other bloggers because they are obviously doing something right and its working really well for them but right now, i think i need a break and to step back for a few days - by that i mean; no planning, no photos, no posting - nothing. It's going to be difficult but i think this is just what i need.

Don't worry though, I'll be back in 2015!
Have a good New Year & Stay Safe!
Natalie xx


  1. Ah it's a shame that you're taking a break as I enjoy your posts! I hope your return in 2015 is a happier one for you. x

  2. I often feel the same, it can be hard when you don't get response or feedback on your posts and hard work!

  3. I felt the same a few months ago - i definitely think taking a step back worked for me. I still posted but I just allowed myself some time to feel a bit disconnected from blogging without feeling guilty about it and it worked a charm. I think blog interaction has slowed on the whole - which is a great shame. It's all about Instagram followers these days and people just don't spend time commenting the way they used to. I think i'll make it a new years resolution of mine to make sure I take time to comment on more posts i read.

    I hope you've had a good Christmas and that you find your blogging mojo again soon :) xxx

  4. Merry Christmas lovely - I hope to see you back soon! <3

  5. merry christmas, enjoy your time to yourself :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  6. Merry Christmas, wish you have a nice festival.


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