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I didn't even realise Barry M had released a line of lip crayons until i saw the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lips in my beauty swap from Beauty Queen UK, I'm quite fond of lip crayons so i was very intrigued to see how Barry M's offering compares to others.

I tried this on instantly and at first was a little worried by the sticky texture but within a matter of minutes i fell in love. With the name 'Gelly Hi Shine' I'm assuming they are aiming for the finish to emulate the shine that you get from their nail lacquers and it definitely does that - it's quite a glossy lip product and it looks lovely, it finishes off a make up look really nicely. As i mentioned it does have a slight sticky feel and texture to it once you first apply it but that doesn't last.

The shade i have is a dark wine red type shade which i believe is called Vega - the pencil itself doesn't have the shade name written on it but i checked the website and i think that's the right one. It's such beautiful shade - it actually reminds me a little bit of the infamous Rimmel '107' Lipstick but a glossy version. Rachel definitely choose well with this shade because it's seriously beautiful and I've honestly been wearing it non stop both for nights out and during the day - which trust me i tend to save red lips for night outs only. It's also a perfect colour for Autumn/Winter time.

It lasts really well on the lips before you need to top it up - it does lose the shine after a couple of hours but the colour stays in place. I love it because it's still like wearing a bold lip but it has quite a sheer application so it's a little less bold than a lipstick would be - if that makes sense. If you'd like to see how it looks on the check out my face of the day post here.

Up until reading a comment i forgot to mention the only negative this product has and that is that you have to sharpen it rather than it being a twist up. I hate sharpening things as it is but this lets the product down because you end up wasting quite a bit til its sharp again but that is the only thing that i dislike about these lip crayons.

I really like this lip product and i definitely want to try some of the other shades out - i quite like the look of Sirius! They're long lasting, have good colour pay off and i like the finish of them. They are really affordable retailing for £4.99 and are available to buy from here.

Have you tried the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Lips?
Natalie xx


  1. this is such a pretty shade, i've wanted to try these out for a while :-)

    fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

  2. I'm always reluctant to try Barry M products for some reason, but I've never been disappointed by one yet. May have to pick up one of these!
    Megan x

  3. I love these - I wear it so often I'm going to have to replace it v soon! The biggest problem with them is that you have to sharpen them rather than twisting them up, so they end up running down v fast!

  4. OOh I am so glad you like this. I bought Sirius I think it is called x

  5. I've been interested in these for a while, but the fact you have to sharpen it really puts me off unfortunately!


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