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A is for Adventures
Me & my friends always go on lots of little adventures and go on many random drives and end up in all sorts of places. Whether it be intentional or just a case of us getting lost but its always fun and i love being in the car especially because we always have sing-a-longs.

B is for Bowling
This is a bit of a random one and funnily enough, it's actually been a while since we've been bowling but at one point if we was stuck on something to do it'd be the one place we always end up going - to the point i keep a spare pair of socks in my bag just in case. (I always wear ballet flats and i ain't putting my bare feet in those sexy bowling shoes they loan you)

C is for Candles
I'm a big lover of candles; i burn them throughout the year they are just the perfect way to relax and they makes the atmosphere and rooms so cosy and I've burned through so many lately, especially now that it's autumn/winter.

D is for Doodling
I'm always doodling whether it be on a scrap of paper or in a sketchbook, even at the many quizzes attend if I'm writing you will find a doodle of some kind on the sheet. I can literally waste away so many hours doodling, i find it so therapeutic.

E is for Eating
I eat out a lot - probably a little too much but i enjoy food and the whole experience of eating out. I enjoy trying new things and it's such a nice way to catch up and spend time with friends.

F is for Friends & Family
An obvious one i guess, but i don't know where I'd be without mine. I probably don't tell them enough just how much they mean to me and help me.

G is for Glasses
I have recently ventured into the world of contact lenses but I've worn glasses for about 13 years now so they are a big part of my life and something that most people associate with me so it only seems fair they were included in this.

H is for Hopeless Romantic
It's not something i say often but I'm actually a hopeless romantic. I love soppy books and films and i love the idea of being swept off my feet. I love the whole opening doors for a girl, flowers, romantic gestures and just simple chivalry -  i think it's just such a nice gesture to do, especially when its by someone who really cares for you

I is for Introvert
I'm actually very shy and painfully so around people i know really well it's not so bad but in everything else I'm kind of awkward - like blogger events, i try i really do but i imagine i must be awful to approach. Sorry :|

J is for Jar
For the past two years, I've kept a jar that i fill with memories throughout the year and when the year has ended, i read through them all and think of all the great things that have happened that year no matter how big or small. It may seem like a silly thing to do but it's a great way to remember the good things over the bad.

K is for Karaoke
Me and my friends go to Karaoke quite a lot. So much so that we myself and my best friend recently got through to the final of a karaoke contest. I also love watching people on karaoke because people really give it their all.

L is for Liner
It's very rare that i go without liner - i feel so naked without it. i just love how it defines the eyes and i think it really adds to a make up look.

M is for Make Up
This is an obvious one - i adore make up, so much so that i have an entire blog dedicated to it. I own far more than one person needs and I'm still obsessed with buying more.

N is for Notebooks
Notebooks and also stationary in general is another vice. I own a ridiculous amount of notebooks and i use them for a million and one different things. I don't know what it is is about them but i just love buying them and i find writing in a new notebook really satisfying.

O is for Over-thinking
I am the worlds worst over thinker so much so that it often stops me from doing things - i try to think of the all the possible outcomes of everything and then i scare myself which in turn puts me off doing something.

P is for Plans
I plan so many things that i want to do in my head, half of the time they never happen but i always get so excited and i even have a bucket list of things i want to do.

Q is for Quizzes
My friends and me do a lot of quizzes - we go to at least two pub quizzes a week. One of which we win quite a lot (Woop) they're a lot of fun and i enjoy doing them myself, even though sometimes i do feel quite stupid when i don't know the answer to something.

R is for Reading
I love to read; unfortunately i don't get to do it half as much as I'd like to but i enjoy losing myself in a good book - it's a such a great way to escape from everyday life and get lost in someone else's world for a change.

S is for Series
I watch far too many TV series; as well as a good book i also like to lose myself in a show. I watch so many shows and i watch them at a scary pace too - i can watch a season in a matter of days and if i have nothing else to do i can get through multiple seasons in a short period of time.

T is for Thursdays
Every Thursday i go to one of the pub quiz and also for a night out. It's such a great night out and one i look forward to each week.

U is for Unknown
The unknown scares me; one of the reasons i over think things so much is because i hate not knowing what may happen.

V is for Very Impatient
A flaw of mine is that I'm very impatient; i hate it but i get so narky when I'm kept waiting for things whether it be a person, bus, train or taxi etc... It's not a flaw i like having because it makes me quite grumpy.

W is for Writing Letters
I have a pen pal; so i spend a lot of my time writing letters. I don't think you can beat receiving a hand written letter, it's such a personal thing to receive i enjoy sending them too. Having a pen pal has opened me up to a different country and culture and deciding to get a pen pal was one of the best decisions i ever made.

X is for.. I don't know, its too hard to think of one.

Y is for Youralmostalice
My blog is a massive part of my life - it amazes me everyday that people actively follow and read my blog. I enjoy blogging so much and i love every aspect of it, it still makes me excited when i plan posts and when i get comments off people.

Z is for Zzzz
I love sleep. Getting out of bed is one of my least favourites things to do - especially when its so comfy and warm and the outside is really cold.

What's your life in letters?
Natalie xx

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