101 Things in 1,001 Days | Update #6

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I'm quite of myself that I've managed to complete 60 things off my 101 Things list (here, if you are interested) I do sometimes change the goals because every so often when i read over it, i realise that some of them are things i no longer want to do so i change them to something else - i know some people may see this as cheating but I'm still aiming to complete those goals so i don't see it that way. Anyways, I've completed another 10 off my list so i figured it's time to do another update.

51. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy
I posted these on my blog in 10 separate posts over the past year - generally I'm a bit of a pessimist ; i always expect disappointment and assume the worst so for change i wanted to try and focus on some of the little things that make me happy. I really enjoyed posting these and they seemed to go down well too.

Links to posts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

52. Try a completely new drink at Starbucks
I don't have a Starbucks local to me so whenever i do go i tend to stick to what i know - either a Caramel Hot Chocolate or a Gingerbread Latte but i decided i wanted to branch out and try something new and in doing so i have found a new favourite - Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, it is absolutely delicious and writing this is making me really crave one.

53. Take photos more of anything and everything - document memories!
This is still kind of an ongoing one but I've definitely started taking more photos of things - especially since i got my iphone and instagram (follow me here?), I've found that having those makes it so much easier to take photos on the go.

54. See another artist/comedian or band live
I went watching Bruno Mars back in November (post here) it was a fantastic evening and Bruno Mars was incredible to watch live. He really put on a show and i honestly couldn't recommend his shows enough.

55. Have my Nails done at a Salon
I was lucky enough to win on a voucher for a local beauty salon on a raffle so i took full advantage and got my nails done. Ive never had my nails done professionally before so it was a lovely treat and i loved how my nails looked after it.

56. 365 Challenge: Blog everyday for 1 year
If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know about this one. I decided to challenge myself to blog everyday for a year and throughout 2013 that is exactly what i did. It was a heck of a lot of work and i don't quite know how the heck i managed to do it as I'm now finding it hard to maintain a few posts a week but I'm really proud of myself for being so organised and completing it. 

57. Fill a jar with good memories for 1 year, read them at the end
Like the '100 things that make me happy' list i wanted to do a memory jar so that at the end of the year id be able to look over all the great things over that had happened over the year - even really small things that might seem silly to others but any moment that made me smile as i thought it would be a really nice thing to read at the end of the year and a great way to remember all the good things rather than the bad. I loved this and I've decided to do another one for 2014

58. Change My Hair
At the beginning of this year i decided to chop off my long hair and go short. I was really glad i did it at the time as i just felt like my hair just really needed a good cut. Three months later, i am really missing my long hair but cutting it was what i wanted at the time so I'm glad i did it.

59. Watch 150 movies i’ve never seen before.
I love watching movies so i thought having a goal like this would be really fun to have, as i love finding random films and some that aren't so well known. Ive discovered some really good films through this and I've really enjoyed the many movie days i had.

60. Win a Pub Quiz
Technically, we came joint first but I'm still counting that as a win. We've been coming second for a few weeks in a row so it was really nice to finally win - well joint win. Fingers crossed we win again next time!

So that is the next 10 things off my list; i know some of these are quite minor but they are things i wanted to do nonetheless. I'm really looking forward to crossing off some more!

Are you doing the 101 things in 1,001 days challenge?
Natalie xx

Review | Cosmetics A La Carte Mascara

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 photo DSCF7016_zpsf38fc413.jpg

This mascara is a pretty pricey one and retails for £23 - to have such a high price tag can only mean that it's an amazing mascara, right?

I got this in my Love Me Beauty Box a couple of months ago and i was so excited i didn't even care about what else came in the box i just wanted to get my hands on this mascara. Now maybe, i was wrong to have such high expectations but this mascara let me down and was more average than awesome.

My lashes actually don't look so bad in the photo but whenever i apply this it leaves me with clumpy lashes, even when i only apply one coat they clump together and i have to try and brush them out to separate them. The very first time i used it, i thought the clumping might have been due to it being quite a wet formula but it's happened every time i use it.

I also think the brush on this isn't that great either; it picks up a lot of product which i think is part of the clumping issue but the bristles on it are insanely short - I've never noticed if any other mascaras i own have bristles this short but I'm wondering if that might be part of the problem with distributing the product causing it to clump. I'm rather disappointed with this mascara; i know I'm partly to blame because i expected to much but i really wanted this mascara to be amazing and it was so far from it. I've been wearing it quite consistently in the hopes that it'll get better with time but so far it's just reinforcing the disappointment.

It's not all doom and gloom for this mascara though; the packaging of this is great, the silver casing makes it look luxurious which considering the price tag I'd expect. It doesn't smudge around the eyes or anything and it's also a long lasting mascara; some of the days that I've been testing this out on I've worn it all day I'm talking like 7:30am til 5ish, if not later so it's lasting power is quite impressive especially considering i normally only apply one coat.

So there are some good things about the mascara but for me personally they don't outweigh the negative. I dislike clumpy lashes and it's not a look id want to get from any mascara let alone one that retails for £23 so i won't be going buying this anytime soon. Obviously, my experience with this mascara may differ to someone else's but i was left feeling disappointed and i know I've got much cheaper mascaras that give me much better results.

Have you tried the Cosmetics A La Carte Mascara?
Natalie xx

Monthly Favourites | March

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This month I've spent a lot of my time wondering what the heck I'm doing with my life; i feel like at the age of 22 i should know what i want to do and be heading firmly in that direction but i am in fact feeling the complete opposite all i know is that despite how much i enjoy my job it's not where i want to be for the rest of my life. Life thoughts aside, March has treated me quite well and it scares me a little at how quickly is has gone past - anyways, onto my monthly favourites...

Beauty Favourites:

Benefit Bella Bamba
This was one of the first high end beauty products i ever bought myself and i was obsessed with it, since my collection has started to grow it got neglected and pushed aside until recently when i rediscovered it in my drawer and i forgot just how much i love this blush. In the pan it looks really bright; it does apply quite a bright pink but it's a lot more subtle looking than you'd expect and i personally think this colour compliments me quite well. It is shimmery blush as it has a added highlight in it which works really well with the blush to add definition the cheeks. I absolutely adore this blush, I've really been loving using it and im definitely not going to let it be neglected fo so long again!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
I've not used this bronzer in so long as id been testing out the many others id found myself with when i went through my little phase of loving bronzer and i forgot just how great this bronzer is. It's actually perfect for contouring and i love wearing this on the many nights out i found myself out on in the last month, I'm quite pale and i found this bronzer works great on me even though it looks really dark in the pan, It's blend out really nicely and it doesn't look muddy on the skin or anything. It really is a great product and my favourite option for contouring.

Two Faced Naked Eye Palette
I completely neglected this palette since i got my UD Naked palettes and i rediscovered it when i did my Perfect Palette Tag (post here) and I've been using it since then and i honestly forgot how much i love this palette - it's has a really lovely selection of neutral shades and it even comes with some little cards that tell you how to create different looks with all the different shades, so its a perfect palette for beginners too and it's really great quality - I'm actually considering doing a separate post on this palette as i don't think I've ever really mentioned it on my blog before so do let me know if that is something you'd like to see.

Max Factor Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliner*
This eyeliner is amazing; i wear it mostly for tightlining to make my lashes look much fuller and this just stays in place all evening. I've tightlined with eyeliners in the past and they've ended up around my eye and also underneath it leaving me with the panda look but this one doesn't do that, in fact this eyeliner barely leaves any smudging. It's very pigmented and creamy and applies really easily too, and it's a twist up pencil so you don't need to fuss around with sharpening which is great. This is probably a product i never would have gone out and picked up on my own as i don't often shop at the Max Factor stand but this eyeliner is fast becoming a firm favourite in my collection.

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart
This is another rediscovery this month - the good thing about a make up ban is that it encourages you to go through your existing collection and rediscover products! This was the very first lip butter i bought from Revlon and although i loved the colour and the formula and everything about it, it was never a product I'd reach for often as i just felt a little alien wearing it. However, i picked it out recently and decided to give it another try and found that with a lighter application it creates a much softer tone of pink and one that i have found myself wearing alot, especially on the evenings.

Lush Brightside Bubble Bar
I love the bubble bars from Lush as they smell amazing, leave your skin feeling soft and they always turn your water a different colour - I also love that the bubbles are really easy to get rid of when you've finished, i know that may sound odd but its such a chore having to rinse all the bubbles out after a bubble bath but i find with these that it's always really easy to do. My go to bubble bar has always been the 'Comforter' and although i still love it, i think i might just have a new favourite in 'Brightside'. This smells incredible; it smells quite fruity and almost citrus-y and the scent really fills up the room nicely, its not too overpowering or anything. I think this one might be a limited edition for Mothers Day or Easter as I've never seen it in store before so I'm quite sad that ill only be able to get it every so often but i guess it'll make it much more enjoyable when i do get it.

Youtube or Blogger Favourite:

 photo frandiaries_zps8b1cd0d3.jpg

My blogger/youtuber favourite this month is Fran from The Francesca Diaries; her content varies between fashion, beauty and lifestyle so she posts a really nice mix of things - I've met Fran twice and she's so lovely, she's just as genuine as she comes across in both her blog and her youtube channel. Her channel is something I've only discovered quite recently and I've really been enjoying watching her videos, i literally spent the other day just watching all the older ones that I'd missed - I'd definitely recommend checking out her links below if you aren't already following her!

Links: Blog | Blog Lovin' | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

Non-Beauty Favourites:

North West Bloggers Liverpool Event
 I attended the first ever North West Blogger event at the beginning of the month and it was such a great event; i got to meet up with some really lovely bloggers which was really nice especially because they were all bloggers I've been following for a while. I actually considered not going to this event because i didn't want to be on my own but I'm so glad/proud of myself for going as i had a really lovely time, not to mention we was spoilt rotten with the goody bag and the raffle they had.

Sunny Days
Spring is slowly trying to push its way through and I've really been enjoying seeing the sun shine a lot more - I'm normally a autumn/winter person and i complain at the sight of sun but a couple of weeks ago when it was a really nice day me and my lovely friend Gemma went for a stroll and chill out round a local park and it was just such a lovely day and sitting on the grass whilst the sun was shining was so nice and it's made me really excited for summer and hopefully more days like that!

Lord Alan Sugar
As i was leaving work the other week; i checked my phone too see i had a mention on twitter and it turned out to be none other than Lord Alan Sugar tweeting about my blog and a review i had done on the Stylfile - it really made my day and it made me so proud of my blog, so much so i even spoke about it on facebook which is something id normally avoid doing. I still can't believe he tweeted about it and it was a really proud moment for me and my blog.

FABB Events
The second event i attended this month was FABB Events as they finally made their way to Liverpool; it was lovely event and it was nice to see the bloggers id met at the previous event as well as meet some new ones, especially Vicky from Let's Talk Beauty as I've followed her blog for a while so it was so nice to finally meet her in person! It was a really lovely afternoon and we were really spoiled by some of the brands there and the goody bag they'd put together.

Decorating has Commenced
 It feels like I've been talking about decorating my room for so long and I'm so glad that i have finally made a start - i have thee smallest room and a heck of a lot of stuff so it's quite cramped and i was so sick of not being able to move in it and it always being a mess that i decided i wanted to change it all and get some new furniture and i really wanted it to become somewhere i could really relax and chill in so I'm insanely happy that i have finally made a start - fingers crossed it will be a quick process.

Music Favourite:

Christina Perri - Human
This song has been playing a lot on the radio in work and i find myself really liking it the more i listen to it. Definitely go give it a listen if you haven't already (link here) I really like songs like this; that are quite meaningful and can evoke some kind of emotion in you and i think these lyrics are quite relatable too.

What is some of your favourite for the March?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

Make Up | Stepping Into Spring

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 photo DSCF7049_zps8c0a433d.jpg

 photo DSCF7051_zps029a76b1.jpg

As the season starts to change; i like to switch up my make up, so I've had a gander through my collection and pulled out some products I'll be wearing throughout Spring.

For spring; the base I've decided to go for is Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation as it's a super light foundation but it really does brighten up the skin and for spring i really want to go for that glowy kind of look, I've been loving using my Benefit Hoola Bronzer but for spring I've decided to switch to my Bourjois Bronzing Primer to give a really natural hint of colour to the skin, for me this product is perfect for spring/summer even the scent reminds me of summer too. For days when i want to add a highlight to the make up look, I've opted for Nars Orgasm Illuminator as it's such a beautiful yet subtle hightlighter.

I've opted for two blushes so that i can switch up the make up looks; first is Topshop Blush in Flush, a cream blush that will add a pop of colour to the cheeks, i love the finish of topshop blushes because even though they apply like a cream blush they dry into a powder formula and they are so flattering on the skin. The second blush is Beauty UK Blush in Upper East Side which is a really subtle blush with shimmer - i think this will look really lovely on an evening and the shimmer will give a really lovely glowy/highlighted look to the face.

Lately I've found myself not loving my usual black eyeliner look so i decided to keep the eye products quite natural with Elizabeth Arden Brown Gel Eyeliner, as it'll be much more natural. I'm not sure how long I'll stick with the choices of eyeshadow as they are quite different to what i normally go for but i really want to try these out; Benefit World Famous Nudes in Sexiest Nudes Ever* which are more purple nude shades so a little more out there than normal but ill think these will be lovely for evenings out and also LA Colours Eyeshadow Trio in Sunset which are bronze/copper type shades which will be lovely to wear assuming we have some lovely sunny days.

I probably will switch up these lip products a lot because the shade i wear differs depending on my mood but for spring i have pulled out a couple of my favourites; Maybelline Babylips in Cherry Me and Pink Punch these are great every day lip products which work great to add a hint of colour to the lips. My other favourite lip product to wear in spring is Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Orange Punch, I'm not someone who normally suits an orange shade but this has quite a sheer application and it applies more of a coral-orange shade and it's really flattering so i know this will definitely be well loved throughout spring.

So those are some of my make up picks for Spring; I've opted for products that are quite subtle and will add a pop of colour to my make up, a lot of the products I've picked are also nice and light and natural.

What products will you be wearing for spring?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

Tag | Beauty Scenarios

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This tag was created by Lily Pebbles and i thought it was a great tag so i decided to give it ago myself.

1. You have to get rid of all your foundations and you can only keep one high end and one drugstore, which do you keep?
High end foundation would probably be YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation as i love that foundation so much and its my favourite one out the high end foundations that i own. Drugstore foundation is a tough one as there are so many that i really like but i think I'd probably have to go for Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation.

2. You go for an interview and the lady interviewing you has lipstick on her teeth. Do you approach the subject or ignore it completely?
I think this is a tough one because if i was the one with lipstick on my teeth i think id want to be told but at the same time i don't think I'd want to embarrass the lady interviewing me incase she took it the wrong way and then didn't give me the job so I'm not sure - i guess id ignore it?

3. You're not feeling yourself and need a pick me up. Which lipstick do you put on to make yourself feel beautiful?
My choice in lipstick depends on what mood I'm in but one of my favourites is Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple so I'd probably pick that one!

4. You go back in time for a day to your teenage years, how would you do your hair and makeup differently?
Well when i first grew out my fringe i kept a middle partin and used to wear two plaits constantly so if i could go back I'd give myself a side fringe of some kind to add some shape into my face. Make up wise, id go less on the eyeliner as I'm pretty sure everyday i came home from school with smudged liner under my eyes.

5. You ask your hairdresser for a shoulder length Pixie Lott hair cut, but they hear wrong and give you a pixi cut. Do you a) Smile, say thank you, leave and call your mum hysterical b) Cry in the chair and things get awkward or c) Complain to the manager and demand a refund.
I know for a fact i would be polite, pay and then call my mum hysterical because id be too soft to complain and id feel bad. However, if it was something as extreme as a pixi cut I'd like to think i wouldn't be so soft and would complain to the manage and get a refund as with a head like mine a pixi cut would not look good.

6. Your friend surprises you with a 4 day city break and you have 1 hour to pack. Which 'do it all' palette do you pack in your makeup bag?

I'd probably go for Urban Decay Naked Basics palette as it's really small and compact but it has the perfect array of shades including a shade for highlighting and also a shade that's suitable for filling in brows so it's perfect for travelling.

7. Your house has been robbed, don't worry everyone is safe, but your beauty stash has been raided. What's the product you really hope is safe?
This would break my heart if my beauty stash was raided. I'd probably hope that my YSL Youth Liberator Serum foundation is still there as it's super expensive and its quickly becoming a big favourite or mine. I'd also really hope that my Urban Decay Naked Palettes would still be there too, as I'd be pretty gutted to lose them.

8. Your friend borrows your makeup and returns it in awful condition. Do you a) Just pretend you haven't noticed b) Ask them to repurchase it or c) Secretly do the same to something of theirs.
In all honesty I'd be fuming, especially because most of my friends know how much i love my make up so id like to think they'd be respectful of my make up and wouldn't treat it in such a terrible way. Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a mug so i would just pretend it never happened but id like to think that they'd offer to repurchase it anyway if they did do it.

I tag:
Beauty By Alice
Callie Rose
Francesca Diaries
Bamblings of Naffy
& anyone else that would like to do this tag.

How would you respond to some of these scenarios?
Natalie xx

Products I've Used Up: February & March | Part Two

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 photo DSCF6051_zps18be406e.jpg

 photo DSCF6055_zpsa92650a2.jpg

I've got the second part of my 'Product's Ive Used Up' post for you today, i mentioned in the last weeks post (here) that i had so many products it'd would be easier for both myself and you to split them up so I'm just gonna delve straight into it!

Soap & Glory Glam A Lot Body Spray
This is so nice; it's taken me ages to actually use it all up but it smells so good - the scent reminds me a lot of Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb so if you're after a dupe for that, then definitely check this out! It's quite a big bottle so you definitely get your monies worth with it. Ive got the other body spray Soap & Glory do but i definitely say this one is my favourite.

Fearne Body Polish
I got this in the Fearne set i got from Christmas a year or so ago and it's taken me a while to use it. It has a lovely vanillery scent; the scrub itself is quite a harsh feeling scrub but on the skin it actually quite gentle (if that makes sense?) - it was really pleasant to use and it left the skin feeling lovely and smooth.

Nip+Fab Pistachio Sundae Dry Skin Fix Body Butter
If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know how much i love this body butter. I love the consistency of these body butters are they are not over thick but they are thicker than a body lotion, they are nice and moisturising and leave the skin feeling really smooth - they aren't quite a dry skin fix like they claim to be but i find these body butters perfect for during the warmer weather. It also smells incredible, I've already got another 3 of these lined up!

Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream
This is my second one of these; it's a very thick moisturiser and it does leave a little bit of a greasy layer on the skin but because i use this on a night time i don't mind that too much as I'm not going to be leaving the house. I like that this is quite thick because it really absorbs into the skin and my skin always feel lovely in the morning.

Seventeen Photo Flawless Skin Primer
This is a really great budget face primer; the formula reminds me a lot of the Smashbox Photo Finish as it's a silicone texture. It gave me a really smooth base and my foundation applied nicely on top of it too. It's a really nice face primer and budget friendly too.

Collection Skyscraper Mascara
If I'm being honest; it's been a while since i used this, i found it hidden amongst all my other mascara and added it into here as it was time it was thrown out. From what i do remember it was an alright mascara, i don't think it was anything special but it did add length to the lashes.

Parma Violets Body Scrub
This was an unusual body scrub as it was more of a shower gel texture with exfoliating beads within it. The gel was really pleasant to use and felt really nice however, as a scrub it was pretty pointless, you can't feel the beads against your skin so it's quite useless as a body scrub.

Bath Petals Vanilla Spice Body Lotion & Shower Gel
I didn't enjoy these as much as I'd like too; they sound like they'd smell amazing but i personally didn't like the scent but i used them up anyways as it was a gift from my pen pal. I ended up using the body lotion for my feet so that the smell wouldn't linger on me for too long. As a shower gel and a body lotion they were nice and moisturising on the skin but the scent just wasn't for me.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum
I'm not quite what to say about this as it was quite a small sample so i don't really feel like i tested it out enough. It was very moisturising and hydrating but i did apply this on top of my normal moisturiser as well as i felt my skin need a bit more moisture especially when we had the really cold weather.

Just Cavalli Perfume Sample
I was actually surprised by how much i liked this scent as i had never come across it before but it was really nice - it had a more mature scent than I'd normally go for but its still got a hint of floral to it. I'm hopeless at describing scents but i really liked this and the sample was really handy to carry around in my bag too.

Benefit Fake Up Concealer*
I've had bit of a love/hate relationship with this concealer; sometimes it'd be amazing and cover my dark circles and be really hydrating and when it worked it was a really great product however, other times when i used it I'd find it greasy, not covering enough and it'd crease so easy. When it was having a good day i did like this concealer; it was easy to apply and covered my dark circles really well. I don't think id go out and buy this as it's quite expensive for a product that only works sometimes.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Oh this is amazing! I can't believe that I've only tried it now; this smells incredible and its such a nice shower gel to use and I'm already excited for when they come back out next Christmas as i am definitely going to be picking up a couple of the full size ones.

Soap & Glory Flake Away
Ive used many of these and they never disappoint, it's such a gentle scrub but it really does give such great results. This always leaves me skin feeling really soft and i love using this after I've shaved my legs as they always feel so silky smooth and i just love it and as always it smells incredible.

Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque*
I really enjoyed this hair mask as it left my hair feeling incredible healthy and soft after each use. This is another hair mask that only requires you to leave it on for about 3-5 minutes which makes me really happy as i love hair masks that are quick to use but still provide really great results and this does exactly that!

So that is all the product's I've use up lately - I'm so proud of how many I've used up lately, but if you follow me on instagram you'll have seen my back up drawer (link, here) and that i have a crazy amount of products so i definitely want to continue trying to use up more and hopefully decrease the amount in my collection because i have way too many for one person!

What products have you used up lately?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

Product's I'm Testing Out #1

 photo DSCF7006_zps5367835c.jpg

 photo DSCF7005_zps94a0b2b0.jpg

Before i jump straight into this post i just wanted to let you know that i have officially started to decorate my room (yay!); I'm hoping its going to be a quick process as i really can't wait for it to be finished as right now everything is everywhere. I'm still going to be posting regularly, I've already planned out a whole bunch of posts and I'm hopefully going to get a handful scheduled too incase i don't have time to post, i mainly wanted to let you know that if the quality of the photos change then I'm sorry its because I've had to move the my desk i normally take photos on, a lot of the posts I'm going to be doing over the next few weeks however, I'm already pretty much sorted with the photos so it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Also, if anyone is interested i may post a before/after room tour to show you what it ends up like so do let me know if you'll be interested in that. Anyways onto the post.

A lot of the time the posts i feature on my blog are reviews; however, i thought for a change it might be interesting to share with you the products I'm going to be testing out over the next few weeks. I just want to clarify that all of these products are items I've received in the past weeks from events whether it be a raffle prize or a product from a goody bag which is why that are all marked with an asterix, i've been really well behaved lately and not bought any new products which is why all the ones im trying out are ones ive recieved, im not trying to brag or show off or anything.

Clarisonic Aria
I was so lucky to win this in a raffle at an event a couple of weeks ago and Ive not yet tried it out as in true blogger style i wanted to wait until I'd photographed it all properly before i used it. This is one of the latest versions of the Clarisonic and I'm very excited to try this out and see what difference it makes to my skin as i know that many 'big' youtubers swear by their clarisonics, so i looking forward to giving this a good testing out and seeing how it treats my skin and see if it maybe helps clear up my spotty chin.

Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Express Dry Waterless Shampoo
I'm a big fan of dry shampoo; i honestly don't think id be able to cope without them in my life - this one claims to leave hair looking and feeling fresh, it helps absorbs excess oils, helps styles last longer and it's also a colourless formula. I'm really looking forward to giving this a good testing out and the claim that its colourless is making me very excited because i know how crazy i can sometimes go spraying dry shampoo in my hair and the white marks are less than flattering!

Lush Emotional Brilliance Make Up in Sophisticated
I've always been curious about the Lush Make Up range but i think it's a little on the pricey side, so it was exciting to discover it was in one of the goody bags i received at an event recently. The idea behind the emotional brilliance range is that you wear your make up based on your emotions - the shade i had in my goody bad was 'Sophisticated' which a bronze-y taupe shade, now whilst i may not describe myself as sophisticated - colour wise this is a perfect shade for me! I was told that these product are quite versatile and can be used in many different ways (obviously, depending on the shade depends on what you can achieve with it) so I'm definitely going to have some fun testing this out and seeing what i can do with it.

Melvita Extraordinary Rose Water
This was an extra item in my Love Me Beauty box; I'm still not fully clued up on all the many ways you can use this and the results you get, all I'm aware of is that its been described as a universal multi use product - so as i mentioned in my LMB box post (see, here) I'm going to do some reading up on this and see what ways it can be used.

Viridian Raw Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil has become a very well known lately and many bloggers have raved about it and how amazing it is. I didn't really jump on the bandwagon of it but i was interested to see i had a little jar of it as it can literally be used in so many ways; in cooking, as a facial, a moisturiser, on your hands, feet, body, in your hair and I'm sure there are a million and one other ways too. The ingredients are all organic and raw so it's really good for you and I'm intrigued to see if it lives up to the hype.

Nair Brilliance Spa Clay Shower Power Cream
I've used Nair removal cream for years so i imagine this is a product i will like anyway. This has a really moisturising formula that has been designed to leave your legs feeling silky smooth and hair free. It apparently makes it much easier to remove your hair as it claims to be shower friendly - not sure how convinced i am about that but ill definitely give it a go and see what its like!

So those are six of the products I'm going to be testing out over the next couple of weeks; I know i did mention it at the start but i hope this isn't coming across as me bragging as i know most of the product were from goody bags i got and i promise I'm not trying to show off or anything - i just thought it'd be a interesting idea for a post to show you what I'm going to be testing out next. Reviews on some of the items will follow, so do let me know if there is a product you definitely want to see a review on!

What products are you testing out at the moment?
Natalie xx

Love Me Beauty (Edition Three ) | March

 photo DSCF7001_zps5fd30b53.jpg

 photo DSCF7005_zpsfbf5051f.jpg

 photo DSCF7011_zps3441b9e9.jpg

 photo DSCF7012_zps38fe8170.jpg

 photo DSCF7013_zps8d3ccc50.jpg

 photo DSCF7015_zpsfefc1b67.jpg

I'm actually quite late with posting about this months Love Me Beauty box as i did received this almost two weeks ago but I've had so many posts I've wanted to do first that I've just pushed this back further and further and i did consider not posting it all but it'd feel odd not doing it. When choosing this months box i wasn't all that blown away at first but then when i started reading about each of the products there was a couple of items that spiked my interest and i actually found it difficult to choose a box but in the end i opted for Edition Three.

Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask | 7.5 Sample Size (Full Size RRP £25)
I find myself quite drawn to 'exfoliating' products; i love the feeling of using a scrub and feeling like you've removed a layer of skin and your left feeling really fresh faced so i was really intrigued by this exfoliating mask - It claims to revitalise and free the skin from dull dry surface cells and trapped impurities. I'm really interested to see what the quality is like considering this mask retails for £25 and also how it compares to my Along Came Betty Detox Mask which has little exfoliating beads in so I'm very interested to try this out and see what it does for my skin.

BlanX White Shock Toothpaste | 15ml Sample Size (Full Size RRP £7.50)
I've been wanting to try Blanx for ages now in particular the one that has the LED light with it to help whiten teeth. This toothpaste claims that it reacts to the light to whiten you teeth naturally, so the more you smile the whiter your teeth will be. I'm really interested in seeing whether this actually works or not as like most people id love to have whiter teeth and to be able to get it naturally from smiling and it requires minimal effort on my behalf except for smiling (although, i don't do that often)

Nip+Fab Viper Venom Eye Fix | Full Size (RRP £14.95)
This is definitely one of the products that caught my eye when choosing a box; it's a cooling roll on applicator that has wrinkle minimising liftonin & syn-ake to smooth fine line and wrinkles around the eye. I don't personally have any wrinkles around their just yet but no harm in starting early. I love eye products like these as they are really refreshing and cooling to apply around the eye area; I've used this a few times already and I'm really enjoying using it as it feels really nice to apply the roll on around the eye, especially when you want to feel a little bit more awake the cooling feeling off this helps perk up the eyes a little.

Deep Steep Foot Stick in Candy Mint | Full Size (RRP £3.60)
I don't know why but i find this item quite strange, it's almost like a giant lip balm for your feet - i am interested in trying it out as i have awful feet and this claims to 'restore your feet back to their soft beginnings' it contains a lot of essential oils to refresh the feet and shea and cocoa butters to moisturise them. However, one thing id love to know is why do all foot product have minty scents?

Quintessentially English Bath Salts in 'Vintage Bouquet' | 50g Sample Size (RRP £4.25)
This is probably my least favourite product in the box; i don't really like bath salts as they don't really serve much of a purpose and i never feel like they do anything so i might consider giving this to someone - although, these do actually smell really good, looking at them i kind of assumed they'd be quite 'old lady, strong floral' kind of scent but the mix of jasmine, bergamot and geranium blend really nicely together and the scent is lovely.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company 'Gracie' False Lashes | Full Size ( RRP £6)
I don't wear false eyelashes as much as i used to these days because although i really love them, as i constantly wear glasses it can be a bit annoying especially because when they are long they just hit the lenses. I do still wear them occasionally though depending on the size and style of them and i think these 'Gracie' lashes are stunning they have a bit oomph to them but this are still quite natural looking and i really like that the band is invisible so it'll blend into the lashes a lot more naturally. Also, the packaging of these wins me over instantly as its all floral and vintage looking and i love it.

I don't know if this is a mistake or a mix up or whether love me beauty were just being very generous but my box had an extra product in it this month;

Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water | 28ml Sample (Full Size RRP £17.00)
I don't know a great deal about this product - it apparently has a unique gel texture that melts into the skin and it helps firm the skin. I think this is one of those product you can use before and after make up or generally whenever you feel like you need it. It's one of those 'universal multi use' products that you can find many different ways to use it; I'm gonna read up on a it little more and find out some more about it but I'm definitely intrigued to try it and see what its like.

What do you think of this months box?
Natalie xx

Review | Crown Brush 'C433 Pro Blending Fluff Brush'

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 photo DSCF409q4_zpsdbefe8cf.jpg

 photo DSCF4095_zpsae7a067c.jpg

 photo DSCF4096_zps92c14732.jpg

I've been wanting to try some Crown Brushes for quite some time as I'm always hearing them being mentioned on blogs so when i saw the Crown Pro Blending Fluff Brush in my goody bag from the North West Bloggers Meet i was super excited to try it out. Firstly, the fact that its a blending brush made me really happy as they are probably my favourite kind of make up brush as i think a blending brush can really make a difference to the eye look. I personally think that's it the blending brush that ties the eye look together because it blends all the shades and removes harsh lines.

So far I'm really enjoying using this brush; its not the biggest blending brush i own but its still quite a reasonable size, it's a really soft brush and i find it works really well for blending out eyeshadow. It's a synthetic brush made from white goat hair and after having a little browse on the website I've discovered that this is actually an really versatile brush because it says it's also perfect for contouring and highlighting which is interesting. I've never really thought about using a smaller brush for contouring but it does have quite a tapered tip so I'm definitely intrigued to try that out and see how it looks.

This brush is really great quality; so far I've not noticed any shedding and even after a deep cleanse it keeps it's shape really well and if that hasn't already got you hooked it's really affordable too as it retails for £6.09! (available here)

I definitely want to try more Crown Brushes as this is excellent quality and they are so bank balance friendly. I'm really loving this brush and it's a brush I'm using most days in my routine and I'm looking forward to trying out the other ways have been suggested you can use it.

Have you tried Crown Brushes? Any Recommendations?
Natalie xx

Review | Elemis Fresh Skin Skinglow Exfoliating Face Wash

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 photo DSCF6003_zpsdd8e7303.jpg

 photo DSCF6006_zpsad60e72b.jpg

 photo DSCF6011_zps74d78c24.jpg

I first used the Elemis Fresh Skin Skinglow Exfoliating Face Wash when i got back from Rome last year, my skin ended up being in awful condition due to the travelling and the airplane and i was in need of a good face scrub, as i felt like i needed to just wash away a layer. My sister gave me a sample of this and within the week my skin was back to its old self and i was quite honestly smitten with it as my skin felt amazing after it and so healthy. It's taken me quite a while but I've finally gotten round to purchasing the full size version of the product and I'm so glad to have it back in my routine. For the record my skin type is normal with the occasional dry patches - so i don't know how well this will work with other skin types but i find this works really well for me personally.

It's a very creamy cleanser; its almost a multi purpose product as it's a face wash, exfoliator and a deep pore cleanser all in one but i personally opt to use it every couple of days as my face scrub and i also sometimes use it whenever i feel like my skin needs it. It's an extremely gentle scrub and it has jojoba beads that polish your skin and it leaves mine feeling really soft and smooth, the product has a really lovely fresh and almost fruity scent to it as well which i really like.

This scrub retails for around £12 so it's definitely on the more expensive side but id happily pay that for it as i really like the effect this has on my skin, it leaves my skin feeling really fresh, smooth and i feel like it keeps my skin feeling really good.

Have you tried the Elemis Fresh Skin Skinglow Exfoliating Face Wash?
Natalie xx

Products I've Used Up: February & March | Part One

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 photo DSCF6044_zps3ca6eecb.jpg

 photo DSCF6045_zps37371350.jpg

 photo DSCF6047_zps2f0489e0.jpg

I've been making more of an effort to use up the products that i already own as i was building up quite a little collection. So far, i feel like I've made quite a bit of progress so much so that I'm going to have split this post in two otherwise you'll be here for a while reading it all - I'll post the other half sometime next week.

John Frieda Full Body Shampoo* and Strengthen and Restore Conditioner*
I've really enjoyed using these products; after every use my hair has felt amazing - really soft and healthy. I don't really agree with the shampoo being 'full body', as i didn't feel like it gave me any volume but i still really enjoyed using it regardless. My hair felt stronger and well conditioned and I'm really glad i have another back up of these.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor for Damaged Hair
Aussie is a brand i return to time and time again as its one that never lets me down and this was no exception. I really love the scent of Aussie products it not one i can really describe but i personally really like it. I'd use this at least once a week or more if i felt my hair needed a pick me up and it just left it feel so incredibly soft and healthy, my hair isn't damaged exactly but i imagine this would help with conditioning the hair and making it feel more healthier. Something that i also really like about this product is that it's a '3 minute' mask so it works its magic nice and quickly and you don't have to hang around for ages whilst it sinks into the hair.

Nspa Fruit Extracts Fresh Sweet Raspberry Shower and Bath Gel
This was just a typical shower gel; you could also use it as a bubble bath so it is very versatile product. It lathers up nicely and leaves you feeling lovely and clean and it also smells really lovely - i know a few people have described this scent as being quite artificial but i actually really like it, it's really sweet and fruity.

Nspa Fruit Extracts Fresh Sweet Raspberry Body Butter
This has the same lovely scent as the shower gel so it was really nice to wear the two products together as it helped to build up the scent and make it last longer. The body butter itself had quite a thick consistency and absorbed into the skin really nicely. It left my skin feeling really smooth and i really enjoyed using it throughout winter as it was nice and moisturising too.

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution
I've noticed a few people have started to dislike this micellar water but i liked it. I sometimes used this to remove my make up if i was feeling a bit lazy, its also a really great product to use if you make any mistakes with your eye make up, pop a bit of a cotton bud and you can fix it up really easily. It's also nice to use some days just to give the face a once over just to freshen it up a little bit. I found this pleasant to use and was gently on both the skin and eyes. I've now got the Garnier one to test out so I'm intrigued to see how it compares but i would quite happily buy this one again.

Bristows Tropical Paradise Dry Shampoo
This is just your bog standard dry shampoo - it freshens up your hair in between washes, its a great way to add a bit of texture and volume into the hair and it has a really lovely tropical scent. Unfortunately, this is quite lethal at leaving white marks in your hair which is really annoying but with everything else its general a great product.

Botanics Purifying 'All Bright' Face Scrub
I bought this scrub when i had a breakout on my chin as it claims to 'buff away impurities' so i thought it might help clear it up. It didn't really help with the breakout like id hope it would which was a shame but it was a nice enough scrub to use and it was pleasant to use on the skin as well. I don't think id buy it again as it didn't really blow me away but it was a nice scrub.

Fabulous Frootz Cranberry & Pomegranate Body Polish and Body Wash
There is also a body lotion that goes with this set but I've not quite finished it up, i picked the set up in the Boxing Sales for something silly like 99p. They were really pleasant products to use; the body wash was just a very typical fruity shower gel but the body polish was quite an interesting product as the beads that 'polish' you, looked like they were actual little bits of fruit which was quite strange - it was actually quite a nice body polish to use and it was really gentle to use on the skin and as the names suggests these had a very pleasant fruity scent to them.

Steam Cream
I really disliked the steam cream personally, i know a lot of people love it but i just didn't enjoy using it - i found the lavender scent to be really strong and overpowering and i think that's the main thing that put me off it. I ended up using this as a foot cream to keep them moisturised and so it didn't end up going to waste. One thing i do really like about these products is the little tins that they come in - they are such pretty designs and I'm definitely going to keep this to store my bobby pins or something in.

Fruity Pops Bath Crystals
There wasn't really much purpose to these to be honest; they had a really lovely scent to them but after you put them in the bath they dissolved and that was that. I didn't really feel any real benefit of them being in there, i did continue to use them up just to prevent wasting them but they are kind of a pointless product.

Yummy Vanilla Bath & Shower Gel
This is a novelty product more than anything; i used this as a bubble bath more so than a shower gel, i don't really have much to say other than it was a nice bubble bath and had a lovely scent.

Soap & Glory Clean Girls Body Wash
This was so lovely to use, i just love Soap & Glory and i find there products are just so luxurious and make any shower or bath better and this one is no different. Like all Soap & Glory products it smells incredible, lathers up really nicely and it's just a really nice product to use.

Vichy Liftactiv Seum 10 Eyes & Lashes
This was only a really tiny sample so i didn't really get to give this a proper testing out and i don't feel i got to use it enough to see much difference or any benefits from using it. I really like that you use it on your lashes as well as your around your eyes and id love to have been able to give it a proper testing out to see what it can do but i did enjoy using the small amount i did get to try.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer
I had no interest what so ever in trying out this primer and its only because my sister didn't like the sample that she had that i ended up with it and i absolutely loved it. I found this really helped prolong my foundation but it also gave my skin a really smooth base to apply my foundation on to, it was really pleasant to apply to the skin and i just loved how my face felt with it. I definitely plan on buying a full size as soon as I've used up another of the existing primers i already own.

Rodial Glamtox Day
This was a sample i got in a beauty box; it is actually an anti-ageing product but i enjoyed using it nonetheless - it was moisturising and made my skin feel really hydrated. It did have quite a strong scent but it didn't linger for too long and i enjoyed using it a lot more than i thought i would.

Garnier 'Dull Skin' Moisture Match
This was really nice to use when the weather was quite warm as it had a gel consistency so it was really cooling and that did help perk the skin up, however as the colder weather set in it wasn't as good because it wasn't great in terms of hydration so i stopped using it for a while but then i started wearing it on top of another moisturiser so i still got the 'wake me up' effect from it but i got the moisture and hydration from something else. It was a nice product but i don't think id go out and buy it again.

Inner Me Beautify Me Vitamins Complex
This is another item i got in my love me beauty box - i didn't actually finish taking them all, i took all of the first week but as i went into the second i found myself feeling quite sick alot - i don't think it was directly down to these as i continued feeling sick after i finished but i decided to stop taking them anyways just to be on the safe side. These are supposed to help with skin, nails and hair - they believe that looking after your insides helps look after your outside but obviously in the short time i took these i didn't notice any difference but i didn't finish the pack so i can't give a full opinion on these.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara
This is only a sample size but i really rate this mascara and I'm sad to have to let it go (I've hoarded it for too long), i definitely want to get the full size at some point as I found this mascara really opened up my lashes and separated them really well, not to mention it made them lovely and long too. I definitely think this mascara doesn't get as much attention as it deserves!

Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara
The first time i used this mascara i really didn't like it; i just found it didn't work well with me and someone suggested waiting til it started to dry out a little as they found theirs went better after a little bit of time so i did just that but i still didn't like this mascara - whether i left it too long i don't know but this mascara just left my lashes all clumpy and spidery, it didn't last very long and started to flake as the day went on. I personally just didn't get along with this mascara.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eyeliner
This is a really great felt tip liner for people who are new to using them as the nib is so tiny that it gives you more control and precision when applying the liner; i found this so easy to apply and i loved the control i had over it when applying it. The only issue i have with this is that it didn't last all that long, it started off with really great pigmentation's but in a matter of weeks it started to weaken and after a little while the consistency even went quite watery so that has really put me off as i want a liner that is going to last me longer than this did.

I will be posting the second half sometime next week, if you have managed to read through all that then i am super impressed as i know it is very long and probably quite repetitive.

What products have you used up lately?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review

FABB Events | Liverpool

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 photo DSCF7037_zps73fbd61b.jpg

On Saturday, i made my way to Liverpool to go to FABB Events Liverpool - i was very intriqued by this event as FABB have been hosting events all over the place and they always looks really great so i was so glad to hear they'd finally decided to do one in Liverpool. I met up with Callie Rose, Fran, Vicki and Jess at the train station and we headed over to the Pan American Bar over on the Albert Docks. I thought it was a really lovely bar and it had a really cosy atmosphere to it but it was a lot smaller than I'd imagined it would be but it was a lovely venue nonetheless.

These photos have turned out pretty bad, which I'm quite disappointed with. The room was very dimly lit which made it hard to get good photos anyway but these just seem to have come out in quite shoddy quality so I'm sorry about that.

 photo DSCF7040_zps02e217f0.jpg

 photo DSCF7041_zpsb6e43405.jpg

 photo DSCF7145_zps83318eaf.jpg

The room was filled with some lovely brands and it was really nice to see the products, hear about new brands and also being able to talk to the brands too. The first stand we went to was ESPA; they had brought along some kits and were giving each blogger one that was personalised to their skin type which i thought was a really nice touch. My skin type has always been normal but with some dry patches - the lady at the stand asked me to smell two products (i believe they were cleansers? i may be wrong) and she mentioned something about the scent that you are more drawn to is what you skin needs - she did explain it to me but i don't know enough to explain how she said it works - however, apparently i was drawn to the one that indicated oily/combination skin. We even did it twice and i choose the same one both times so i don't know how convinced i am about it all but we shall give it a go and see. We also very kindly got given a little goody box along with the skincare in exchange for an email which was lovely.

 photo DSCF7049_zps420c33ae.jpg

 photo DSCF7051_zpsae9323de.jpg

 photo DSCF7044_zps37d624b0.jpg

 photo DSCF7065_zps51a5f00c.jpg

 photo DSCF7068_zps3e14fea9.jpg

As well as Espa there was other stands there such as Lush, Crystal Clear, Ark Clothing and Tropic Skincare. There was many demonstrations going on such as a hand massage from Lush or you could have a demo of the Crystal Clear 'Lift Away the Years' which was quite interesting to see as you could see the difference there and then.

 photo DSCF7137_zpscfdb56a1.jpg

 photo DSCF7140_zps36d68726.jpg

There was also a stand from Derma V10; I've used a few Derma V10 products before they are a really affordable brand (they're available in Pound Shops and Home Bargains) but they are really good quality so it was nice to see some of the other products they had. They also very kindly let us choose 6 products to take away with use as well an extra product they'd already put into the bag which was really generous. The products i opted for was the Innovations Night Cream, Deep Cleansing Nose Strips, Coconut Body Butter, Reviving Foot Wipes, Self Tan Applicator Mitt and a Hand and Nail Cream and they gave us a set of lip care products. So I'm looking forward to giving these a try.

 photo DSCF7149_zps3cc1d0c7.jpg

We also received a lovely goody bag which was filled with all sorts of goodies - there is a few I've forgotten to include in this photo and their was some pop chips in there too but i ate those when i got home last night. I'm really looking forward to giving everything a try and i will definitely do some reviews on some of the products.

Overall, i had a lovely day and it was really nice to meet new bloggers and also see others again.
A massive thank you to FABB Events for hosting such a lovely event in Liverpool.

Did you attend FABB Events?
Natalie xx