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Origins is a brand that is heavily mentioned on blogs and youtube videos, i actually don't think I've heard a negative thing about them yet. I've been wanting to try Origins for ages but i find their price tags to be a little eye watering which is the main reason i didn't branch out into the brand.

Step in, Origins Mask Marvels - i don't know if this is a permanent gift set or was just out for Christmas but i came across this in Boots and it was on offer for £19.99, now considering one face mask retails between £12 to £23 depending on its size, there was no way i could leave this behind.

Ive only had this set a week and already I'm in love - now I've named this post as a 'first impressions' post rather than a review because i don't feel I've used it enough to give an accurate opinion but i really wanted to get this post up incase anyones interested in picking up the set too, so i figured I'd let you know about what my initial thoughts are and then maybe I'll do individual reviews on the masks at a later date.

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Origins Clear Improvement 75ml
I've tried a few 'charcoal' masks in the past but their consistency is nothing like this one - this has a much thinner consistency which was actually really nice. It was easy to apply and spread onto the face and it didn't take up too much of the product for one application so it would definitely last a good while. This mask is supposed to act like a magnet to draw out any 'deep dwelling pore-cloggers' and dissolve impurities - when i used this my skin wasn't all that bad minus the odd blemish so i didn't get the full effect of what it can do but after using it my skin felt really good and healthy.

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Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask 75ml
I think this one may be my favourite - i actually used this the same day i picked the set up as i was really curious as to what they were like and i absolutely love it. This is the perfect mask if you feel like you need a quick fix or your skin just needs a quick pick me up - you only need to leave it on 10 minutes and my skin felt incredible after, it was so soft and smooth and it just felt really good and healthy. The formula for this is much thicker than the other two it's almost like a paste and the scent of it really reminds me of Vick's Vapour Rub which sounds weird but i actually quite like it.

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Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask 75ml
This is the product I've heard the most about and i actually tried it out for the first last night - applying a face mask before bed and not washing it off 10 minutes later felt really weird, i was very aware that it was on my face but when i woke up this morning - i instantly noticed a difference. It has a similar consistency to the charcoal mask in that it's quite thin but this doesn't apply black, you can barely tell that you're wearing a face mask. My skin felt so hydrated and healthy, i actually only applied a really thin layer of this because i was conscious of getting it all over my bedding. 

I can actually understand why people rave about these masks a lot - the prices still really bother me but since I've been using these my skin feels incredible and even my sister commented earlier today and said that my skins been looking really good lately. If you do want to try Origins but don't want to fork out a fortune I'd definitely try and get your hands on this set if its available.

Have you tried Origins? If so, what products are your favourite?
Natalie xx


  1. ooo i've heard a lot about origins to and have yet to try anything! i went to buy these and they were out of stock! glad they are living up to expect ions i'll have to look out for when they are on offer again!

    1. Oh they are so good - they have exceeded my expectations! I hope you manage to get a hold of it!
      Natalie xx

  2. I want them now ;) , really nice post !


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