Monthly Favourites | January

Monthly Favourites | January

I don't know about you but it scares me slightly that we are already up to the first monthly favourite of the year - where did January go at all. Although, i am glad to see the back end of it - January is quite possibly one of my least favourite months and I'm also rather excited for payday to finally be making an appearance this week.

Beauty Favourites

Mac Lipstick in Plumful
This is a really gorgeous sheer pink toned plum - it's so beautiful and it's almost like a toned down version of Rebel, so it's very wearable. It's really moisturising and pleasant to wear on the lips and i really like the finish; it's a lustre finish, which isn't glossy but it's not matte either - it's somewhere in between and i really like it.

Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask
This is the perfect quick fix for your skin - if I'm going out somewhere but my skin isn't feeling so great and i feel like it needs a bit of a boost, i tend to put this on. It's so quick and easy to use and it instantly leaves your skin feeling so much softer and smoother, it also makes the perfect base for make-up. It does have quite a strong scent, it reminds me a little bit of Vick's vapour rub so it won't be to everyone's taste but i don't mind it. I absolutely love this mask and i can see such an improvement in my skin since using it.

Witch Spot Concealer
I normally hate these type of concealers but I've been using this for a while on my chin (where i tend to break out the most) and since I've been using it, i feel like my chin has really cleared up and i barely get as many blemishes there as i once did. It may just be a big coincidence but i feel like this has helped it. In terms of being a concealer it blends easily and it covers my blemishes well.

Seventeen Cheek Stamp in Bashful
I did a review on this quite recently (See here) and if you read you will know that i absolutely hate the packaging, the stamp is just unnecessary and inconvenient and i actually just dip my brush into it rather than using the stamp. The blush itself i really like; it's the perfect everyday blush colour, it's like a pinky brown tone and an in between of a blush and bronzer. It looks to lovely and natural and compliments all make up looks, but it does actually work well as a subtle contour too. My only issue with this is that i wish it was in a pan form.

Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara
I really like this mascara; it adds volume and length to the lashes but it's quite natural looking. It adds a subtle oomph to the lashes and the it separates the lashes out really well. It lasts ages on my eyes it doesn't smudge and i just generally love the way it looks on my eyes. I also really love the packaging, it looks way more luxurious and more expensive than the usual Rimmel mascaras.

Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Make Up Remover
This removes your eye make up so easily; it feels a bit like an oil so it breaks down the make up making it much easier to just wipe away. It even removes stubborn products quite well too and its really gentle on the eyes, it barely takes an effort to wipe the make up away.

Natio Glow Skin Brightening Face Balm
I'm trying to use up more products that i have in my stash and since i ran out of my S&G moisturising i decided to give this a go and see what it's like and i actually quite like it. As it's a balm it's a bit thicker than your usual face creams but it really does leave the skin feeling moisturised, it doesn't feel heavy on and my skin always feels so soft and looks much brighter after i use it.

Other Favourites:

My friend has been trying to get me to watch this for absolutely ages but I've just never really fancied it. I was on Netflix and facing the usual struggle of what to watch so i randomly clicked on it and decided to try and it - and well, I'm on season 5. It's so good.

Car Ride and Resolutions
A few days after new year my and my friend gem went on a long random drive and we literally just drove around, had coffee and just had a really good chat. We talked about so much including some of out resolutions and things that we was hoping to improve on this year, we got things off our chest and it was just a really good and empowering chat.

The Lakes
I've mentioned it a million and one times how much i love the Lake District, me and the girls had another day trip down there at the start of the month and it was so lovely. Id felt a bit down so just getting away for the day really made all the difference, we also went on a little boat trip along Lake Windermere which was really lovely - it was freezing but lovely.

Three Nights
I go out on a lot on night outs but i rarely do three in a row and for some reason all my plans seemed to fall together on one weekend so i ended up going out three nights in a row with minimum sleep in between - i don't quite know how i coped but it was such a brilliant weekend.

Learning CPR
This week in work i was trained in CPR - the place that i work for has made it a requirement for paid staff to know it. Its terrifying and being in that situation i don't quite know how id handle it but it's quite a good feeling knowing that i could potentially save someones life by knowing CPR.

Book Favourite: Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon
Music Favourite:  Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson, Blank Space by Taylor Swift and Take Me To Church by Hozier

I was ill for quite a bit of January with a cold and i had one of the worst sore throats I've ever had - to the point i could barely swallow and it hurt to even yawn, so yeah that was not fun!

What products have you been loving this month?
Natalie xx


  1. Great favourites, I really want to try the Rimmel mascara, may have to pick it up tomorrow, I agree the packaging is pretty luxurious.

    alice x | beautybyalicee

    1. Thanks Alice, i'm really enjoying using it at the moment, it's such a good mascara!
      Natalie xx


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