My Blogging Desk Essentials

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When I'm blogging there are a few essentials i like to have around me on my desk; some items are useful in terms of motivation and organising, others are just random things i like to have near me.

Diary, Organiser and Notebooks
I literally use all of the above - the diary and organiser help me to plan what posts i want to do and when, i also like to use it to keep track of anythings i need to do whether it be blog photos, scheduling tweets or general life appointments. The notebook i use is to keep track of all my post ideas - i do have a lot of other notebooks that i use for various things like making notes for posts etc... but these are the mains ones i utilise and i like to keep them on my desk so i can refer back to them whenever i need to.

I seriously love stationary - pens and pencils are an obvious essential to have on the desk but i love having different coloured pens near me, especially highlighters because i find them so useful. I used each colour for different things, one will be for crossing something off on a to-do list and another is for marking a post from my notebook that I've done. I'm a visual learner so i work really well with colour and i find it not only helps keep me organised, the satisfaction of marking something off is quite motivating.

Lip Balm
This isn't really an essential in terms of blogging but my lips get dry quite a lot so i like to always have a lip balm on hand. At the moment I've been using the Hurraw! Lime Lip Balm which is really lovely. It smells incredible and it keeps my lips nice and moisturised.

A Hot Drink
My drink of choice differ between tea or caramel lattes (I currently have a cup of tea) but i love having a hot drink when i sit down to blog. I don't quite know why, but not having one next to me just doesn't feel quite right.

Hot Cookie
The hot cookie is a bloody brilliant invention, when you have a hot drink - plug your hot cookie into your laptop and place your hot drink on top and it keeps it warm so you don't face the disappointment of it going cold. Now far too many times have i picked up my drink and its gone cold and it's so disappointing but now with this, it doesn't have to happen anymore!

Post It Notes/Memo Pad
You'd think having a billion notebooks would be enough, wouldn't you? But no, i also like to have a little memo pad on hand for any quick notes i need to make - it's just much more convenient.

So those are my main blogging desk essentials that i like to have; i also like to have hand cream near to but i completely forgot to include it in here.
What are your Blogging Desk Essentials?
Natalie xx


  1. I need a hot cookie in my life! I always a cuppa & forget about it

    1. My friend got it me because i was forever complaining and out my brew going cold!
      Natalie xx

  2. The hot cookie sounds so cool. I don't really drink hot drinks but it would make a great present for someone who does!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

    1. I used to rarely drink hot drinks now i have them all the time!
      Natalie xx


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