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I received the Studio 10 Double Ended Face Brush* in a little package of goodies i got from Studio 10 a little while ago and I've been loving using it since. I've spoken about Studio 10 a few times on my blog as i absolutely love the brand - it is aimed at more older ladies but i don't really care about that because they have some really amazing and good quality products - it's one of those brands that i couldn't imagine not having in my collection because i reach for their products a lot.

It took me a little while to convince myself to use it because i don't know about you but i always feel so guilty about using a new brush and making it dirty - it just seems so wrong.

This is double ended brush; one side is a mini stippling brush and the other is described as a 'finger shaped' brush. This brush is really versatile and it can be used for so many different things.

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The stippling brush blends foundation out flawlessly and gives a really love airbrushed finish - it's very soft and doesn't pick up a tonne of product so you can work it into the skin and build it up from there which i really like. I've also used the stippling brush to apply a creme blush and it's great for that too - especially because it's a small size you have a lot of control over the application. It's also really soft and pleasant to use on the skin.

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The other side which the website describes as the 'finger shaped' brush is also really lovely - I've been using this mostly for blending out my concealer and it works really well at blending the product into the skin- it's nice and small that you can get into the small areas like the inner corner. It's a really soft brush so it's lovely to use on the face especially in sensitive areas like around the eyes. I also think this side of the brush would pretty good for contouring - I've not tried it yet but i think it'll be great for focus the product into the hollows of the cheeks.

The brushes by Studio 10 are all synthetic brushes so they are lovely and soft and they wash really well too - it was so easy to clean them and make sure they dried back into shape. They are quite pricey for instance this double ended face brush retails for £28 (available here) but i think the quality of the brush does justify the price tag. It's fast becoming one of my favourite brushes, it's so lovely and i definitely want to try some of the other brushes that Studio 10 do.

Natalie xx
*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

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