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Before i delve into this review; i just wanted to let you know that posts may be far and few in between at the moment - I'm going to try and post when i can but a close family member of mine has taken ill so a lot of my time is currently being spent at the hospital.

These days it seems that very few people (especially bloggers) can make it through the day without having a coffee of some sort. Now I'm a little weird with coffee which i shall explain in just a moment but i definitely consider myself to fall under that category. Now the reason I'm weird with coffee is being - I'm very fussy in which i drink, i don't like plain coffee as i find it's way too strong for me but i drink a heck of a lot of flavoured ones - for instance, i love caramel lattes and caramel macciatos.

Now, Beanies The Flavour Co* specialise in flavoured coffee so i figured even though i don't like normal coffee I'd probably enjoy these because i do like coffee when they have flavour to them.

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I was very kindly sent three different flavours to try i got Nutty Hazelnut, Double Chocolate and Amaretto Almond but there is so many different flavours available that you are honestly spoilt for choice - they are also really affordable at £2.50, they are low in calories, 100% sugar free and they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans too. I really like the packaging that comes with these little coffee jars - i know that might sound a bit random but i just think they're really well designed and the colours and design conveys that message of fun which is obviously what the brand is about - having fun with your coffee.

The Nutty Hazelnut is probably my favourite one out of the three as i love nutty flavoured things but i do like them all - they are still a little too strong in coffee taste for me so i put less coffee in my mug than the amount it suggests and i put a little milk in it too which makes it's more suited to my taste.

I feel like this brand has really created something amazing and i would definitely recommend them to any coffee lovers out there. You can buy them online and i believe they are also available in Tescos too.

What flavour would you like to try?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. Amaretto Almond is my fave, followed closely by hazelnut! Sorry but I have to say that the double choc one is awful i think, I think it just tastes like bad quality coffee!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Oh really? Double Choc is probably my least favourite out of the three but i didnt mind it.
      Natalie xx


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