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In my last package of my pen pal she very kindly sent me this Sephora Lip Artist Palette. Normally, I'm not a massive fan of lip products that come in palettes of in pan form because they're usually too big and just not very convenient to carry around and take on the go. As someone who likes to reapply their lip products throughout the day i tend to opt for products that are more handbag friendly and make it easy for me to do so. The Sephora Lip Artist Palette comes with four lipglosses and four liquid lipsticks, it's so compact and practical it can literally fit into one hand.

The four lipglosses are very sheer and only apply a subtle hint of colour but they're really nice. They're quite creamy and don't feel stick to wear which i really like. The four shades you get are; a nude, a bubblegum pink, a peachy coral shade and a nude baby pink shade.

The four liquid lipsticks are also really nice, these also have quite a sheer application but do transfer a lot more colour than the lipglosses do. I think these are more like lip butters than liquid lipsticks but they are really lovely nonetheless. The four shades you get are; a pink, a bubblegum pink, a deep pink and a berry red shade.

The staying power on the lip products isn't amazing, id say they last about 2-3 hours max but there is a really good mix of shades in the palette; although it is slightly more pink orientated the variety of shades means that there is something to suit everyone. I love to keep this in my handbag so that i always have it on me, it's great and practical for when I'm on the go - sometimes last minute plans can crop up and if you want to alter your make up, i have the option to do so already and I've not had to carry a million and one different lip products around with me either.
Natalie xx


  1. Pretty shades - I wish there was a Sephora in the UK but they do ship certain items x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. I wish we had a sephora too :(
      Natalie xx

  2. I'm not overly keen on lip products in a palette but these shades are beautiful & you get a good selection

    1. Im the same - im always a bit iffy with them but i like the convience of this one and it actually has shades i use!
      Natalie xx


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