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New Notebooks, Max Factor New Releases and Shameless Selfie for #100days Day 1

I've decided to stop doing the life lately photo diary series that i was doing at the end of each month and do more of a weekly update instead - i quite enjoy writing personal posts i find them somewhat therapeutic so even if these end up being more for my benefit than yours i don't mind as they're a great way to see what i was up to at different periods in my life and if you're interested, then it's a good way for you to get to know and what I'm up to outside of my blog too.

Ironically, i don't have a lot of photos to feature in this post as my entire week as pretty much been spent either in work or at the hospital so I've not had any time to myself to do anything exciting and any spare time i do have I've been trying to get blog posts done as i have a few deadlines i want to try and keep. I have also started that 100 Days challenge on instagram too - you can follow me here, if you are interested in seeing how i do.

I mentioned a few posts ago that a family member of mine had taken ill and was in hospital - thankfully, he's a lot better than when he was admitted but due to him being so ill there's a lot o things to take into account before he can be discharged so he's still in and we're not exactly sure how long it's going to be for.

I've also noticed lately that my posts haven't been getting as much response as they would normally and i don't know whether it's due to my lack of time that I'm rushing more than normal or whether my posts just aren't as enjoyable anymore? (feedback would appreciated) in which i really hope it isn't the case. My photos also seem to be suffering at the moment which is frustrating me a hell of a lot because it seems like no matter what I'm doing they just aren't coming out great - i think it's my camera though as I've had it for a good 7-8 years now so it has served me well and i am currently saving for a new camera but until i can get that (hopefully soon) there's not a great deal i can do.

How has your week been?
Natalie xx

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