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Just a quick post for you today to let you know about a couple of things. First things first, my little corner of the Internet has reached 900 followers on Blog Lovin! It may be a small number to some but to me that is a massive achievement. I'm absolutely made up and I'm so grateful to every person that follows my blog and takes the time to read it.

I recently read this post by Hayley from Waterpainteddreams, she has created a reader survey to get some feedback from her readers and i decided to follow her example. I love my blog and if you read my post on my dreams & goals, i want to continue to progress with my blog and what better way to go it than to actually find out what it is that you guys want to read.

So i created my very own reader survey too and I'd be very grateful if you would fill it in and give me some feedback. It's only a handful of questions and will take less than 5 minutes, it's also completely anonymous so feel free to give me your complete honest opinion! By filling in this survey it will allow me to see what it is that you like/dislike to read so I'll know for future reference what you prefer to read.

Also, completely off topic but if any of you are wondering why i haven't posted a car boot sale haul in a while it's because the past few weeks it's been pretty dire and I've not found anything worthwhile which trust me is really frustrating when you get up at 6am! Today was a little better but i didn't pick up enough to justify a full post! So hopefully next week shall be even better and I'll be back with my big hauls.

Thank you in advance if you do fill out the reader survey and again, thank you so much for following my blog!
Natalie xx


  1. Thanks so much for linking my blog back Natalie :) Just going to go and fill out your survey now. Hope you get lots of awesome answers :D
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Your welcome lovely! It was your idea first, so you deserve the credit!
      Thank you :D
      Natalie xx

  2. Congrats on your followers! :D just going to fill out your survey now! x


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