Life Lately #10 | Sometimes a Change is Needed

Life Lately #10 | Sometimes a Change is Needed

I don't have much of a direction for this post; to be honest, i don't really know what I'm even trying to say but you guys said you wanted to see more lifestyle posts and i just feel like having a ramble.

After everything that's happened lately; I've been feeling extremely unsettled, I'm not sleeping great and i just feel like there's a big weight on my shoulders. I need to make a change and i need to start making them soon before life passes me by and I'm full of regrets and eternal misery.

So to start things off; i cut my hair off. It doesn't really change my life exactly but it was just something i feel i needed to do, like a proverbial(?) lifting the weight off my shoulders. I have no idea if I've even used that word in the right context but you catch my drift. I went for a lob hairstyle because i knew if i went too short I'd end up hating it like i did last time. I love having my hair really long but for now, I'm enjoying the change of length.

Life Lately #10 | Sometimes a Change is Needed

For the past god knows how long, I've never really taken the time to focus on myself, I've always had a bad habit of putting everyone else first and doing everything i can to make everyone else happy and well i guess I've just decided enough is enough. I don't really know how or even where to begin to change things but there is aspects of my life that I'm just so unsatisfied with at the moment and i refuse to keep it that way.

The main one being my job; don't get me wrong i don't hate it and i work with some really lovely people but it's just not something i want to be doing for the next 40 years of my life, i don't wake up excited to go work and being paid minimum wage doesn't exactly help either, it was okay for a while but I'm reaching an age now where i need my own space and Independence, which on my wage is not possible not to mention I'm tired of constantly budgeting for bills and trying to avoid spending to much.  

So once I've figured out some things; I'm considering going back to college - I'm a bit hesitant because I've been down the whole college and uni road before and i ended up making stupid choices and hating it and i don't want to go through all that again. It's also complicated because I'd have to pay for the course but i don't know how the timetables run and if its weekdays I'd have to quit my current job meaning I'd not have any money to live or pay the course. Either that or I'd have to look for weekend work which again would leave me with limited funds to pay my bills and generally live. Also, i don't know if it's adults only on the course or whether I'd be mixed in with all the youngsters which I'd find rather unnerving - there's a lot i need to think about but I'm definitely considering it all.

Also, if you're wondering the course I'm thinking about doing is beauty therapy. I'll keep you updated on any plans i make in future Life Lately posts! 

Life Lately #10 | Sometimes a Change is Needed

I could honestly ramble on for a lot longer but i think this post has gotten long and deep enough so to finish, enjoy the photos of Niko - he was neutered a few weeks back and had to spend the week after in a little cone of shame and he was feeling very sorry for himself. I honestly can't cope with how cute he is.

How's your life lately?
Natalie xx

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