Love Me Tender | Liverpool Empire

Love Me Tender | Liverpool Empire

I went to the theatre last night to watch Love Me Tender; other than the fact it used Elvis Presley's music for the soundtrack, i had absolutely no idea what the story was about or what to expect.

Love Me Tender | Liverpool Empire

Love Me Tender | Liverpool Empire

Yesterday was absolutely manic, it was one of those days where everything just seemed to be happening and there just wasn't enough hours in the day. Between being in work, going with my sister why she had a tattoo done, getting ready and making sure we got the train in time to have some tea before the show - it was one of those days where i literally just didn't stop.

The show itself was okay. Don't get me wrong it wasn't terrible, in fact the music was rather enjoyable and some of the singers in the cast were amazing, it was just let down by the storyline - which was a bit all over the place. I personally love being in the theatre so i was happy to watch it regardless but i don't think I'd have been happy if I'd have paid a lot for the ticket.

To be honest, this isn't a show I'd have picked out to go and see myself but because i dragged my sister along to Calamity Jane, she picked this one as she's a massive Elvis fan. I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it again and I'd probably say this was my least favourite out of all the shows I've seen this year but it was watchable.

Have you seen Love Me Tender?
Natalie xx


  1. I'm not a massive fan of Love Me Tender either, but it's always nice to go to the theatre for some culture :)

    1. I love the theatre so even though the show wasnt great, the experience is always lovely!
      Natalie xx


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