Avon Ultra Colour Lip Tint Pen in Raspberry

Avon Ultra Colour Lip Tint Pen in Raspberry

As Autumn is slowly approaching I've been on the hunt for a new Autumnal lip product; normally i wear very light nude lip shades for day to day life but I've decided this year I'm going to go bold - i love deep reds, plum and berry toned lips for the wintery seasons and I'm determined to wear them more than just for nights out.

As i was browsing the Avon catalogue i was really drawn to a lip colour that one of the models was wearing which was the Avon Ultra Colour Lip Tint Pen in Raspberry (£8.50) so i decided to give it a try.

Avon Ultra Colour Lip Tint Pen in Raspberry
The shade raspberry is a really gorgeous deep berry pink shade and it's unlike any colour i have in my collection which trust me i own a lot. I found that the shade is very wearable, even though it's quite a bold lip it's doesn't feel like it's a really in your face colour, if that makes any sense.

As for the marker pen style application; I have tried a lip product like this in the past and i wasn't too crazy about it but i decided to give this one a try anyways because i love the shade so much. However, this was the same as the others ones I've used.

It's the marker pen style of this product that i have a problem with more than the product itself because the nib is quite rough and you do have to be really careful when applying because it is essentially a lip stain. At first, it feels quite drying and tingly on the lips but once it's dried you can't feel that it's there at all and it's actually a really lovely lip product but i just don't rate the application for it.

Avon Ultra Colour Lip Tint Pen in Raspberry

Avon Ultra Colour Lip Tint Pen in Raspberry

The staying power of this lip product is probably one of the best and worst things about this product. If you want a lip product that you don't need to top up, that you can eat, drink, probably even smooch with and it will not budge or transfer then this is definitely the one. However, it's staying power is that good that even after using make up remover three times over it will still be on your lips in the morning, whenever i wear this i have to wear a darker lip colour the next day to cover it up because it really is difficult to remove. I tried cleansing oils, micellar water, face cleanser, face scrub - you name it and all it really did was fade the colour.

It's definitely not my favourite lip product i own and i won't be picking up any more lip tint pens anytime soon but despite it's flaws i will definitely use this lip product again because i really love the colour.

What's you favourite Autumnal Lip Product?
Natalie xx

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