MeMeMe Angel Face BB Cream

MeMeMe Angel Face BB Cream

When it comes to my base, a natural look and a light formula is definitely my favourite and BB creams are perfect for that. I've tried many; loved some and loathed others. I've been trialling the MeMeMe Angel Face BB Cream* (£10.95 Available here) for the past few weeks

MeMeMe Angel Face BB Cream

The MeMeMe Angel Face BB Cream* has been designed to combine skincare and make up to create a multi-benefit cream, its been formulated to conceal, protect, rejuvenate, nourish, brighten, hydrate and cleanse all in one  - does it do every single one of these things? I'm not convinced, however as far as BB creams go this is definitely worth looking into.

It has a very light weight formula with a slightly matte finish, it barely feels like you are wearing a base but it still gives a really good amount of coverage. I think you could easily build up on it too if you needed a bit more coverage but i find that it's enough for me, i just add a little extra concealer for any blemishes. Due to the slightly matte finish, i think this would be a great base for someone with a oily skin type.

There is only four shades available for this BB Cream which i find rather frustrating. The shades are fine for myself or anyone with a similar skin tone to mine but its very limiting for anyone with a much darker skin tone - i don't really understand why they haven't catered to everyone?

I have the lightest shade out of the four, which is Porcelain Pure and i find it matches my skin tone pretty well. It's really light and natural looking which is something i always look for in a make up base and this is proving to be a great day to day base.

What's your favourite BB Cream?
Natalie xx
*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.

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