Treacle Moon Raspberry Kiss Body Scrub

Treacle Moon Raspberry Kiss Body Scrub

Berry flavoured bath products are definitely a weak point for me, i don't know what it is about the lovely sweet scents that draw me in but i just can't resist them. I was very kindly sent the Treacle Moon Raspberry Kiss Body Scrub* (£2.99 - available here) and i absolutely love it.

Treacle Moon Raspberry Kiss Body Scrub

Gentle body scrubs are one of my favourite body products; they're so luxurious and i just love that really clean and uplifting feeling you get after using them, like you've just shed a layer of skin. Treacle Moon Raspberry Kiss Body Scrub* is just lovely, the small beads are so gentle on the skin yet works really well at exfoliating. Every time Ive used this my skin is left feeling so lovely and soft.

My favourite this about this product is the scent; as the name suggests Raspberry Kiss is a gorgeous berry scent. It's incredible and i really like sweet, fruity scents so the scent of this is right up my street. There is also a body butter and a bath and shower gel available to, so can you imagine how amazing you'd smell after building up the scent.

There are so many different scents available in the Treacle Moon products that there is definitely something to suit everyone, I've got my eyes on the Lemonade one next.

Also, Treacle Moon have recently announced their partnership with BulliesOut, which is an incredible charity that aims to help 'support a vision whereby young people are able to recognise their self worth and potential' - i think this is a fantastic cause and it's amazing that Treacle Moon have pledged to help raise awareness and to raise further funding.

Have you tried Treacle Moon?
Natalie xx
*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. Never tried Treacle Moon but mmmm this sounds lovely! I love how the brand is also in partnership with BulliesOut, great to know this. Fantastic post! xxx

    Elle du Jour xx

  2. Ooo, never tried this brand before, but it reminds me of the I Love [scent name here] shower scrubs, which are awesome. Love a good scrub and if it's fruit scented, EVEN BETTER! xo


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