Hairspray | Liverpool Empire

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On Tuesday 13th October; i went to see Hairspray at Liverpool Empire. I actually thought my tickets were for Wednesday and had even marked it on that day in my diary - luckily, i recieved an email reminding me otherwise i'd have totally gone on the wrong day.

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I had quite high expectations for Hairspray - having seen and loved the movie, i knew that should would be really upbeat and lively and it did not disappoint.
Saying that though, it was still a brilliant show and the cast were so talented; i was particularly impressed by those who played Motormouth Maybelle and Seaweed. Motormouth Maybelle had an amazing voice, her performance of I Know Where I've Been literally gave me goosebumps and Seaweed was such a good dancer.

It was such an enjoyable show and definitely worth a watch. I'm going to try and play around with the format of these posts because i feel like they really need to improve. I struggle with the photos as i take them on my phone as i can't take my camera into the cinema not to mention as it's not heading into winter it's getting dark. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Natalie xx

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