Life Lately #11 | New Job, Blogging Struggles and a Few Goals.

Life Lately #11 | New Job, Blogging Struggles and a Few Goals.

It's not often that i just sit here and informally chat to you guys on my blog so that's exactly what I'm going to do today.

This may turn into quite a lengthy post as i don't have a direct plan as to what i want to say, so you might wanna grab yourself a brew and a few biscuits.

If you follow me on twitter (here) you may know that a few weeks ago i handed my notice in at my job. I started to reach a point where i was no longer happy there which you can probably tell from the many complaining tweets i used to post and i was waking up dreading to go and i hated that, i literally felt like i was trapped and there was no way id be able to leave but i was offered my old job back and i finished on the 15th Oct.

It wasn't an easy decision to make as taking back my old job means I've taken a massive cut in hours but for the next 9 months or so I'm also covering maternity leave. Eventually, when once my hours do drop down, I'm finally going to take that time to go back to college - I've not fully decided what I'm going to be doing yet but i feel like taking this job has given me the chance to change things.

Since starting back, I've been doing a lot of hours and it's currently leaving me with very little free time which is making blog photos very difficult. I'm trying to plan them out as best as i can so that I'll have enough to cover me til i can next have a blog photo session but sometimes when i come to edit the photos and they haven't turned out quite as id thought, it's not easy to change those. I originally had another post planned for today but when i came to edit the photos they hadn't turned out as planned but i didn't have time to retake them, which is why you have this rambly post.

Linking in with that, I'm currently really frustrated with my blog! Don't get me wrong, i really enjoy blogging and i love my blog a lot but at the moment, i don't feel like it's growing. I also don't feel like i share enough of me and my life, everythings quite formal and i feel like that might be creating a barrier that's stopping it from progressing. However, it's difficult for me to do lifestyle posts because i don't have a great deal of free time and when i do I'm not usually doing anything all that exciting to share with you. I do plan on making some changes to my blog, although it make take me a while due to lack of time and funds.

I've decided to set myself a few goals both for my blog and for me personally so i thought I'd share them here - maybe that will give me the kick up the backside i need to get them done:

Clear out my room and spruce it up.
I'm already in the process of this, i just want to spruce it up a little and make a few changes to refresh it. I'm also saving up for the Ikea Alex and Ikea Malm as i need some better storage. I have a tiny room so space is very limited so I  want to have a massive clear out as I'm guilty for hoarding things that i just don't use enough to justify keeping

Experiment more with other blog backgrounds
I've always struggled with my blog photos but i noticed a massive improvement with them when i started using the floorboards underneath and since then I've really latched onto it and i struggle to branch out from that so i want to try and experiment with other backgrounds and maybe some other textures.

Get a new blog layout
I've had my current one for a while and i whilst i love it, i feel like it just needs a bit of colour injecting into it. Ive seen a layout that I've got my eye on and I'll be purchasing as soon as i have the spare money.

Hit 1,000 followers on Blog Lovin'
I've been looking forward to this milestone for a while as I've got a lovely giveaway planned for it. I'm quite close to it now, i think I'm only about 40 followers away now so fingers crossed we hit it soon!

Improve the format of some blog posts, especially lifestyle
I have no idea how I'm going to tackle this one but i just feel like they need a bit of a refresh and i need to figure out a whole new approach to lifestyle posts because i was asked to post more and the ones i do post barely get a response so i need to change them and make them better.

Comment on more Blogs.
My limited time means i don't always get to spend reading through other blogs as much as I'd like and i definitely want to change that. There are so many amazing blogs out there and i miss spending time reading them so i want to dedicate a bit more time showing support to those and discovering new ones too - even if it's just a couple of hours a week.

I think that's everything for now, I'm gonna to try and do more of these update, chatty posts because it's quite therapeutic just sitting here and writing everything down.

How is everyone?
Natalie xx


  1. I've been reading through your little blog and I love how it's so informal. It isn't like most blogs out there -- they all seem to be "Hey look at me and this shitty product I've barely tried but for the sake of writing a post I'm going to pretend I love it. Isn't it just darling?" It makes me sick.

    A Northern Light

    1. Aw thank you, that's really sweet of you to say!
      Natalie xx


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