Monthly Favourites | October

Monthly Favourites | October

I always aim to post my monthly favourites on the last day of the month so I'm actually a little late this month; i planned on taking the photos for it on Friday morning but if I'm being honest i just couldn't be bothered and Saturday and Sunday i was busy working so your getting the post today instead. I've really enjoyed October - it's fast becoming one of my favourite months because the leaves are starting to brown, Autumn is starting to set in and of course, it's Halloween.

This Works Light Time Cleanse & Go*
I've been using this cleanser daily for about a month now and i absolutely love it. It's been designed to tackle the physical effects of sleep on the skin, personally I'm not a morning person and this really brightens up the complexion, rejuvenates the skin and removes any signs of tiredness or fatigue. It really does wake up the skin, not to mention my skin feels so healthy and hydrated since I've been using it.

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother in Coffee To Go
I'm really loving using this lip product at the moment, it's the perfect everyday colour - it's a gorgeous light nude pink and it has a lovely creamy and moisturising formula. I love the packaging and i love that it's such a low maintenance product that you can easily apply on the go.

BornPrettyStore Handmade Thick Criss Cross False Eyelashes*
I've really been loving wearing false eyelashes this month especially this set i got from the BornPrettyStore - i love how the length fans out to accentuate the eyes. These are actually far too big in size so i like to snip on some of the longer side and that creates the perfect length for me. These are so comfortable to wear, easy to apply and you really gorgeous long and voluminous lashes.

Chapstick Mixstick Lipbalm
I randomly came across this in a pound shop and was really intrigued by the idea. It has two lip balms at either end and you can mix them together to get a completely different flavour/scent. One end is Lemon Sorbet and the other is Berry so together you can get Berry Lemon Sorbet - you can use them individual which is what i usually do but i think it's clever that you can combine the two to get a completely new lip balm. It's also a really moisturising lip balm.

Studio 10 Age Defy Skin Perfector*
I have an on/off relationship with this product - i go through phases where i love it and others where I'm not so sure. I'm beginning to realise that this palette is better for me when it's getting colder and i need a concealer that can give me a higher coverage. It comes with correctors and concealers so you can properly cover up your dark circles and blemishes - it is quite a thick formula but it blends really well and it's been working really well at covering all my dark circles recently.

Bourjois Bronzing Primer
Since getting back off my holiday, i wanted something i could use everyday to continue giving me a hint of colour in my face but nothing to over the top so I've been using this after my foundation blending it lighting onto the cheekbones and up onto the temples and then using powder over the top to help blend it more. It's gives the complexion a natural hint of colour and it smells lovely too.

Catrice Fixing Brow Wax
This is such a great product - normally i hate brow wax and find they don't work for me but as this is in a pen form it works brilliantly. It's great at setting the brows and really holding them in place, i use this both after filling in my brows or on it's owns just to give them a more neater appearance. It's so easy to use and it doesn't leave any residue in the brows either.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Eyeshadows in Plum Up the Jam &  I Wear Plum Glasses at Night
I've been reaching for these two single eyeshadows a lot since i bought them - they are such good quality eyeshadows, easy to blend, great pigmentation and they really affordable too. Plum Up the Jam is a plum/burgundy shade that has a shimmer running through it, i really like adding this into the outer corner to add some colour to a neutral eye. I Wear Plum Glasses at Night is my favourite of the two, it's a matte grey/taupe-y brown and it's the perfect crease colour - i do actually like wearing this alone also. I'm really glad i picked these two eyeshadows up as I've been getting so much use out of them and the quality is amazing.

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder*
I've been using this daily for quite a while now - I'm not normally that fussy when it comes to powder and whenever i get one, i use it from start to finish. This is no exception to that rule but i have actually really been enjoying using this. I feel like this powder brightens up my complexion, it sets my base really well and it gives such a lovely matte flawless finish

Monthly Favourites | October

Monthly Favourites | October

I did want to do a separate post on Halloween and what i wore but i was so rushed getting ready that i didn't get any proper photos so i thought I'd just include it in here. I was quite last minute on deciding what to dress up as, as normally we have a certain theme to our Halloween parties so i ended up going as a Victorian Vampire. I'm really happy with how my costume, hair and make up turned out. I did buy some proper fangs to clip onto my teeth but they weren't great and didn't mould to my teeth so i ended up leaving them but other wise I'm really happy with how it all turned out! I love Halloween and we had a really great night and everyone looked amazing.

I have done posts on both my holiday and the day trip to Loro Parque so i won't ramble on too much about them and I've linked the posts to the heading if you'd like to read them but i went on holiday at the beginning of the month and it was so lovely to get away. Tenerife was a really lovely island and some of the views where really lovely, it was ridiculously hot and it was so nice just to chill out and spend some time by the pool with a good book.

I've developed a bit of addiction to EBay this month; I've been buying a lot of junk jewellery and other bits and bobs from there and I'm loving constantly coming home to little packages. I'm still waiting on a few more things but i will be doing a big haul posts soon as i have ordered quite a few things.

What's in your October Favourites?
Natalie xx

*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. I absolutely love my Bourjois bronzing powder so definitely need to try the primer!

    1. It's really lovely - ive had it a while now and i always go back to it!
      Natalie xx

  2. I just posted my October favourites on my blog. Love those eye lashes set, they look pretty. Need to also try Bourjois' bronzing powder, heard many good things about it!

     Miriam ♥ A whole lot of serendipity

    1. Im obsessed with these lashes, they're so comfy to wear!
      Natalie xx

  3. Love the last pic! Cool faves :)

  4. The Bourjois bronzing primer looks amazing! I would love to try it!

    A Little Dose of Makeup


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