#TravelodgeFoodies | Winter Warming Food

#TravelodgeFoodies | Winter Warming Food

I was recently contacted by a lovely lady asking if I'd like to get involved with the #TravelodgeFoodies in there aim to tempt people to come and visit the lovely city of Liverpool by the sharing a local delicacy (based on this post here), because let's face it who doesn't love food. One of my favourite meals to have especially in the colder months is Beef Stew or as it's known locally 'Scouse' - it's such a hearty and homely meal, so here's my take on it..

One of the best things about making Scouse is that there isn't really a right or wrong way of doing it, you can put as little or as much of the ingredients in as you wish and really cater it to your own taste. All ingredients mentioned in this post was purchased from Sainsbury's.

#TravelodgeFoodies | Winter Warming Food

You Will Need:
- British Beef Diced Casserole Steak
- King Edward Potatoes
- 2 Small Onions
- 1-2 Carrots
- Knorr Beef Stock
- 2 Oxo Beef Cubes
- Barley
- Dumplings (Optional)

#TravelodgeFoodies | Winter Warming Food

1. First, chop your meat - it is already diced so you don't have to do this but we chop it all in half because then you have more, next chop up both onions into small cubes.

2. Take your beef stock cube, add the hot water and mix thoroughly until the cube has dissolved. (Instructions may vary depending on what brand of stock you use)

3. Add the meat, the onion and the stock into a deep pan and leave to simmer for 2 hours - halfway through the 2 hours, season with salt and pepper to own preferance.

#TravelodgeFoodies | Winter Warming Food

4. Chop and wash the carrots and add to the pan along with 1/2 a cup of barley and leave to simmer for 1 hours. The amount of carrots you add is entirely up to you, we usually use 1-2 depending on the size

5. Chop and wash your potatoes and mix your two beef oxo cubes with hot water (follow the instructions depending on which you use) and then add to the pan and leave to simmer for another hour. Again, the amount of potatoes is entirely up to you.

#TravelodgeFoodies | Winter Warming Food

6. If you want to add dumplings to your scouse, make them and add them to the pan 30 minutes after adding the potatoes and oxo cubes so they can be cooking in the stew. We personally don't like to have dumplings but it's definitely a popular addition to the dish.

#TravelodgeFoodies | Winter Warming Food

7. Finally, make sure it's heated throughout and it's ready to serve and enjoy. We like to serve ours with Red Cabbage and sliced buttered baguette and it's delicious. I can't take full credit for this, my sister actually cooked it all and i just took the photos and helped eat it.

Top Tip:
- Top the pan up with water throughout the process to avoid it going dry.

We don't often indulge in a dessert but when we do Cookie Dough and Ice Cream is our go to one. It's quick and easy and seriously delicious. I don't know if this counts as a local delicacy but it's definitely one of our favourites to have.

#TravelodgeFoodies | Winter Warming Food

#TravelodgeFoodies | Winter Warming Food

#TravelodgeFoodies | Winter Warming Food

We prefer to use a pre-made mix for the cookie dough and we always for Betty Crocker White Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix - you can always make your dough from scratch you definitely don't have to cheat like we do but we go for the more quick and convenient option as you literally just add water to get the dough.

Once you have your dough, make one big large sized cookie instead of the smaller individual ones that it will recommend and bake for .... minutes - be sure to check on it, as you want the mixture to be soft and gooey.

To finish serve with ice cream, flavour is entirely up to you but we always go with good old Vanilla. Its such a delicious treat and the contrast of the hot and cold is amazing. Usually we would split that big giant cookie between everyone, but for the sake of the photo it looks so much better whole.

The last winter warming treat i thought I'd share with you is my Nutella Hot Chocolate - i don't have this often as it's not too healthy but it's a recipe i like to bring out during the winter time as an indulgent treat. I have posted about it on my blog before, so feel free to read that post here.

#TravelodgeFoodies | Winter Warming Food

#TravelodgeFoodies | Winter Warming Food

To make all you need is: Milk, Nutella, Cinnamon (optional), Whip Cream (optional) and Marshmellows (optional) - i forgot to pick up some marshmellows but I'd definitely recommend adding them if you have them.

To get the right amount of milk, i first pour it into the mug I'm using that way none gets wasted. Heat the milk in a pan on a low-medium heat, be careful not to overheat otherwise it will lose it's taste. Once it's started to heat up, add the Nutella - it's entirely up to you how much you add, i personally add about two spoonfuls. Keep stirring until it's melted and milk becomes a chocolatey brown, add in a pinch of Cinnamon and once it's heated throughout, pour it back into your mug. Embellish with whip cream and marshmellows and you're done.

I really hope you've enjoyed this post, I've had a lot of fun putting it altogether, eating all the things I've made and sharing with you my favourite winter warming foods especially the Scouse, it's such a delicious and filling meal. Liverpool really is a lovely place and it's filled with amazing food local and otherwise, if you've never been before it's definitely worth checking out as it's full of culture, great for shopping and it looks pretty incredible around christmas and i'm really lucky to live so close by.

What's your favourite Winter Warming Food? Have you ever tried Scouse?
Natalie xx

**I was provided with a voucher for Sainsburys to buy all ingredients included.


  1. My winter favourites has to be a nice homemade curry or chilli. xxx

    1. I enjoy a nice curry every now and again too! :)
      Natalie xx


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