Big Collective Ebay Haul

Big Collective Ebay Haul

I love Ebay and every so often, i have like to have a little browse and see what i can come across. A few weeks ago, i went a little crazy and had a bit of a splurge on a variety of things, as most were coming from Hong Kong they took a while for them all to get here and I've been saving them all so i could do this post so I'm very excited to now being to start using them.

Big Collective Ebay Haul

Most of what i got is costume jewellery; i was getting a bit bored with the few items that i own so i bought a selection of necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Leaf ring & Midi Ring | 16p 
This is actually 2 separate rings, one is a really cute leaf design ring and the other is a midi ring but it's like a few rings layered together as one ring, I've not described that really well but it's really pretty.

Double Heart Bracelet | 35p
This is just a simple silver bracelet with two hearts overlapping and one has purple diamonds (obv, not real) in it. It's a simple bracelet but i thought this would be really nice, if i want to dress up a outfit but want something a bit more subtle.

6pk Midi Rings | £1.60
There is a bunch of random designs but i really like midi rings and i thought these were just handy to have to pair with other rings.

Crown Midi Ring | 25p
This is possibly my favourite piece of jewellery that I've bought. It is literally a little crown, it's not as tacky as it sounds i promise. I didn't know how to photograph them so you could see them properly but this is so cute and i love it.

Moon & Stars Bangle | £1.20
Similarly to the double heart bracelet, i thought this would be a nice simple addition to any outfit. It's a very simple and minimal bangle and the star has a little diamond type stone in it.

Leaf Ring | £1
This isn't as nice as the other leaf ring i got but it's still a pretty ring. It's actually a midi ring unlike the other one, i do prefer the other one but it's still a really lovely ring.

Bowknot Heart Midi Ring | 11p
This a set of two midi rings; one is a little bow and the other is hearts. They're cute and i will wear them but i think it's really obvious that these are cheap jewellery but they cost me 11p so i wont be losing any sleep over that.

I did also buy a Harry Potter ring, which was a Harry's glasses with a little scar attached and that was 99p but sadly that snapped in half when i tried to adjust it.

Big Collective Ebay Haul

Harry Potter Time Turner | 99p
I'm just going to throw this out there and say i will probably never wear this ever, but I've wanted to own a time turner for so long so until i can buy myself a proper one, this will fill that void.

Katherine Pierce Amulet Necklace | 99p
I'm not a big fan girl of the Vampire Diaries or anything, i just genuinely thought it was pretty necklace but this is suppose to be a replica of Katherine's Daylight amulet. I love the colour of it, it's such a gorgeous blue shade.

DNA 'Serotonin' Necklace | 99p
There was a few other DNA molecules/combinations - i don't know the correct terminology - that you could get, but i opted for serotonin which represents happiness and satisfaction.

Big Collective Ebay Haul

Big Collective Ebay Haul

Brush Egg Brush Cleaner | 99p
I hate cleaning my brushes as I'm sure anyone does and i don't know if this is going to make it easier but i definitely think it will help in terms of giving a more deep cleanse because i normally just use my hand to rub the brush against but this will really get into the bristles and loosen the dirt so it's easier to remove.

Blending Brush | 99p
I don't enjoy spending a lot of money on brushes just in case i don't like them so i tend to buy similar one of eBay and then invest in a better one later on. I've wanted a proper crease brush for ages, one that is much thinner but still fluffy for blending it out -  i think it's usually called a pencil brush.

Blending Eye Brush | 41p
This is just another fluffy blending brush - think Mac 217 style. I own a brush similar to this already and i just think you can never have enough of these in your collection so i picked up another one.

Flat Contour Brush | £1.23
I've wanted a flat contour brush for ages, i love contouring but i still haven't mastered it yet so i wanted to try something new and i feel like the shape of this brush will be really good for applying it.

Dream Catcher Iphone 5 Case | 99p
Last of all as i got a new iphone, i needed a new case - i really wanted a Harry Potter one but they were a bit pricey so i kept looking and i came across this Dream Catcher case, i love dream catchers and I've always had one for as long as i can remember, it may sound stupid but i genuinely believe this work at least i feel like they do for me. Anyways, i really like this phone case - it's cute, cheap and sturdy.

That is most of what i picked up, there is a few other things i got like my Halloween costume, some curling ribbon for my presents, a rotary cutter and some lace ribbon but i don't think they are as exciting.

Have you bought anything off EBay recently?
Natalie xx


  1. wow such amazing items for such cheap prices! I always looking on ebay for phonecases but I am definitely going to start looking for jewellery and and brushes too:)

    Eilidh from Velvet Winter

    1. I always browse the jewellery - it's very cheap and takes for ever to arrive but for the likes of junk/fashion jewellery you can't go wrong at all.
      Natalie xx

  2. I can't believe how cheap those rings are! That DNA necklace is really cute too

    1. Its good isnt it? I don't like to pay alot for rings because i lose them all the time!
      Natalie xx


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