Born Pretty Store | Eyebrows, False Lashes and Make Up Brushes

Born Pretty Store | Eyebrows, False Lashes and Make Up Brushes

I have some more goodies from the Born Pretty Store, I've mentioned them a few times on my blog and i was very kindly let me pick some items to receive and share with you. Born Pretty Store is full of affordable make up, nails, and beauty accessories so i took this opportunity to stock up on some make up brushes and false lashes, especially whilst we are heading into party season.

Born Pretty Store | Eyebrows, False Lashes and Make Up Brushes

Born Pretty Store | Eyebrows, False Lashes and Make Up Brushes

Handmade Thick Criss Cross False Eyelashes
These are exactly the same as the ones i got last time (see here) and i did that on purpose because i love these eyelashes so much that i really didn't want to run out of them in a hurry. The length is too big for me so i do cut the end off so they're smaller but they're so comfortable on the eyes and because they have a hint of brown in them they look really natural, they're some of the best lashes I've tried.

Handmade Seamless Cross Volume False Eyelashes*
I've not actually tried these yet but I'm looking forward too because they look so pretty. I love that they have clear seams and the overlapping of the lashes look like they will give you a much fuller lash. I can't comment on them directly on how they are, but i have high hopes and i will definitely report back.

Natural Look Waterproof Eyebrow Gel*
I've really like both the Rimmel and Maybelline versions of this but I've currently ran out so i decided to give this one a try. I chose shade 1 which is the darkest brown they have, it matches my brows pretty well but if you normally need more of a black shade then it's probably too light for you. I do really like this product, it makes grooming and setting my eyebrows much easier and it evens give a little colour to help fill them in.

Born Pretty Store | Eyebrows, False Lashes and Make Up Brushes

4 Piece Make Up Brush Kit*
I actually already own another set of these brushes which i bought off Ebay and i love them so when i saw these on the website i knew i wanted to get more. I use my others so much that I'm really glad to have some more, they work for eyeshadows, concealer, highlighting, contouring etc... They have really soft bristles, they wash really well and are just all round great brushes.

Flat Contour Brush*
I'd been eyeing up this kind of flat contour brush for ages because I'm still learning how to master the art of contouring and i felt like this would make it so much easier and it  has. The flat top and general shape of the brush is perfect for applying the contour into the cheek bones and i feel like it's making such a difference. The brush itself is incredibly soft, blends the products really well and I'm so happy to finally have one.

If you are interested in any of the items I've mentioned or anything else in store feel free to use the code JSH10 to get 10% off your order!

Natalie xx
*This item was either gifted to me or sent for review.


  1. I like the look of that contour brush. I have the RT one and although I love it, I do need one for when my RT one is in the wash haha. I also really like the look of those brown lashes!

    1. I have two of these now, they had one on ebay thats exactly the same and it's really good!
      Natalie xx


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