Learning to Sew #3 | Mending & Refashioning

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As Christmas has been approaching, I've been on a little bit more of tighter budget and I've just had other things to priortise money wise rather than going out spending on sewing supplies. So instead, i raided my wardrobe and found things that I've not been wearing and planned different ways i could mend them or refashion them.

Warning..this post is quite photo heavy.

Just a heads up - I'm not a professions sewer/seamstress, as the title of this series suggests I'm still learning. I know some of these items are a little messy but practise makes perfect, right? Also, i suck at photographing clothes but i hope these give you a good idea as to what I've been up to and how they've turned out.

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I love wearing collars under my jumpers, i just think they really make a difference to an outfit but sometimes i don't want to wear a full shirt underneath especially when the jumper is really thick and woolly. I found a denim shirt in my wardrobe that doesn't fit me on the boob area very well (it does that annoying this were it pulls in between the buttons and flashes everyone) so i decided to cut out the collar so that i can wear it underneath jumpers.

I eyeballed this when cutting it out and just hemmed the edges, it's not the neatest but that bits all covered and I've worn this a lot! The only I'd change is that I'd make the back a bit longer but other than that I'm really happy with this, and i definitely want to make some more.

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I adore this jumper, it's a grey jumper with added diamante detail on the front and a cut out lace on the back but i never found myself reaching for this as it's quite short so with the left over denim shirt i added some to the bottom and to the sleeves. This was definitely a bit of a challenge as if i screwed it up, it would be really obvious because the thread comes through the front.

I did have to hand sew the denim cuffs to the sleeves as it wouldn't fit around my sewing machine but I'm actually really happy with how this turned out. I love the denim paired with the grey jumper, I'm really proud of how it's turned out and i can even pair the denim collar with it for a completed look.

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I used to wear this top alot but the bottom of is a little tighter on my hips and it used to annoy me so it eventually went into to my drawer and hasn't resurfaced til now. I love this top but i can't be bothered being uncomfortable so i wanted to refashion it somehow. I picked the stitching at the back of the top that goes down the middle hem, and them folded them over and re-hemmed it so that it was open at the back making it much looser at the back.

I love tops that are open at the back so i really glad with how this turned out. The cut didn't look very pretty so i made a little bow and hand sewn it onto the top and now it looks much better and I've worn this so much. It's so comfortable but it looks really nice with jeans, it's one of those really effortless tops to wear.

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This is just one of those simple jersey dresses but I've only worn it a couple of time. I decided to cut out the back and replace it with a lace panel. This was not easy and you can see the stitching isn't neat at all but i did eyeball this quite a lot. I've not actually worn this yet mostly because I've been living in my jeans, but i do like how it's turned out and i think it looks quite pretty.

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This is the very first thing i ever altered when i started sewing and I've mentioned it some of my previous learning to sew posts (here and here) so when i finally came to wear it a few months ago, the bust dart ripped open. I literally put it to one side and decided to give up on it but whilst i was on a roll making some of the other items mentioned in this post i decided to try mending it. I've mended the bust dart so it's not longer ripped but I've not worn it yet so i don't know how well it'll last.

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With some of the left over materials i made some bows which were really easy to do, i followed a tutorial on pinterest. I can slide clips into these really easily and wear them in my hair, i particularly like wearing them underneath my buns.

The second thing i made with the left over lace, i don't quite know what they're called but you basically wear them with knee high boots so it's pokes out the top and makes it look like you're wearing lacy socks but instead it's just these I've not tried them yet as I've been living in my ankle boots but they're really cute and were so easy to make.

What do you think?
Natalie xx


  1. I wish I could sew half as good as you! I have a sewing machine thats literally still int he box. I've took it out a few times but given up again because I just can't get it to work. These improvements look so good!

    1. Trust me im not that great, sewing in a straight line is not as easy as it looks haha! Im taking my time to learn though. Keep trying with it, it took me a few times to get going :)
      Natalie xx


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