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A few weeks ago, my lovely friend Gem told me i needed to pick a day in December when we could go get my present, as it wasn't something she could physically give to me. I had no idea what my present was and was still left in the dark right up until arriving at the destination. So, I'm sure you can imagine the shock, surprise and excitement of seeing The Harry Potter Studio Tour in front of me.

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I'd wanted to go to see the Harry Potter Studio Tour for so long and i honestly can't believe that I've been. I took a heck of a lot of photos and spent a fair bit of money but i thought I'd share some of the photos with you. I've seen loads of photos from other peoples posts and videos of their visits and despite knowing some of the things i was going to see, having it right there in front of you really is an entirely different experience. I've always known that a lot would have gone into the making of the Harry Potter series but seeing all the different sets, costumes, props and even some of the paper designs is mind blowing and actually took me by surprise at just how much is involved.

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I honestly can't put into words how amazing this tour was, you really get caught up in the magic and get involved with all. Halfway through the tour, i tried a Butterbeer which isn't as nice as I'd expected - it's actually just cream soda with some kind of toffee cream on top - but i couldn't not go to the tour and not get one. I absolutely loved every single part of the tour, i pretty much walked around with my mouth open in awe but my absolute favourite part was the model of Hogwarts Castle. If you've seen photos you'll already know it's impressive but in person it's even better - the photos, do not do it justice at all and i could have easily stayed looking at it for hours.

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Normally, in gift shops i rarely spend much because they're fairly expensive but as it was a Christmas present and the odds of going back there are quite slim i decided to pick up a few things and treat myself.

I always knew i wanted the Marauders Map Mug because Gem has it and i wanted it as soon as i saw hers so i got myself one, At £9.95 its the most expensive mug I've ever bought myself but it is huge and i know I'll use it a lot. I absolutely love the Time Turner Necklace that Hermione uses in Prisoner of Azkaban and i would love the real necklace but it isn't cheap so instead i went for the keyring version at £8.95 - again, not cheap but I've already added this to my keys and this will be a lovely reminder of the day.

I also got three postcards at 95p each and i picked these up to go into my scrapbook and last of all, the one thing i always said I'd never buy but couldn't resist was a wand at £26.99 (I actually thought they were more expensive than this) i was originally going to get Hermione's wand because it's so pretty and i love the intricate detailing on it but i actually put that back and got Bellatrix Lestrange because she's my favourite character in the movie, i just love her.

Include the price of a bag, i definitely had a little splurge but i love everything i bought and the whole day was amazing from start to finish. Even the long drive, i loved chatting and singing along with Gem - the food and coffee breaks, it was such an incredible little adventure. I honestly can not put into words how grateful i am to Gem for this present, i love presents and I'm always grateful for any that i get but it's the ones that go above and beyond that mean the most because it's just that bit more personal.

Thank you Gem for one of the best days and the most amazing Christmas present.
Natalie xx


  1. Ohhh I am so jealous! I have always wanted to go the studios it looks amazing! I can imagine it is completely different in person like you said! Xx

    1. Oh its incredible - i still can't believe ive been. Its hard to explain the difference from seeing the photos and seeing it in person, it's so surreal.
      Natalie xx


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