What's In My Bag?

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I love seeing what's in people's bag, they are my favourite posts and youtube videos. It fascinates me to see what people deem their handbag essentials and carry around with them. So seeing as were getting close to Christmas, i thought I'd treat you and show you what's in mine!

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The bag i have is from Sainsbury's and i got after seeing Faye's video (here) because i thought it was lovely. I did actually want it in black but they only had tan in when i went and I'm actually really enjoying having a change of colour.

The bag has three compartments and it's the perfect size for me, it's quite small and compact but you can fit quite a bit in it. As you can see from the photo, one of the zips on the compartments is really dodgy and now refuses to close - it's so frustrating as i really like this bag but I'm just putting up with it for the time being and i avoid putting anything valuable in that pocket.

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In the first compartment, i keep my Peter Rabbit diary, two pens and my little notebook. I love this diary and i like to keep a mini one in my handbag so that i can keep track of appointments and my shifts for work. This notebook is from Alehop and it's a cute and compact size, it's great for making any notes or jotting down any ideas for my blog.

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The middle compartment holds my purse; this is from River Island but i got mine from the Car Boot Sale for about £2.50 - this just holds the usual bank cards, loyalty cards and lots of coupons! I also keep my keys, my blog business cards (not that i ever use these) and at the moment i have some anti-histamines in there as I've had a reaction on my face and I'm hoping these will help.

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The last compartment is where i keep my beauty bits and bobs, i don't carry too much as i don't want them breaking and messing up my bag. I have my lovely Audrey Hepburn mirror that my lovely friend Cara gave me years ago and my Polka Rollerball in case i forget to put on my perfume, this smells amazing.

The three lip products i have in my handbag stay in there permanently and that's my Chapstick Mixstick, Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother in Coffee To Go and Mac Lipstick in Plumful - i feel like these give me a great choice of both a nude and a bolder lip or my current daily lip option is the lip balm.

Last of all, i have me Anker portable battery charger this is so handy to have if you have an Iphone that eats it's battery - well, it would be handy if i remembered to charge it most of the time but i normally carry my phone charger with me anyways.

So that is what's in my bag, I've downsized my bag a heck of a lot and try to only carry the essentials.
What's in your bag? 
Natalie xx


  1. I love your bag, its amazing how much stuff we carry around with us on a daily basis. I have that chapstick too and love that it has two ends mine has lasted me ages

    1. Its great isnt it? Its the only lip balm ive continuously and not got bored of.
      Natalie xx


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