Monthly Favourites | November

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It freaks me out a little to think that this is my last monthly favourites of 2015, how is it Christmas next month? Anyways, things have been a little crazy this month; as we're leading into Christmas I've been doing a lot of overtime at work so I've not had as much time for blogging and i just generally haven't been in the mood either so i decided to take a little break. However, the break ended up being even longer than planned because my laptop decided to stop working - thankfully, it's all fixed now and my little break has left me feeling refreshed and ready to get back to blogging, starting with my November Favourites.

My Autumn TBR List

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I really enjoy buying books but because i don't always make the time to read them I've ended up with a rather large TBR (to be read) pile. So I've decided that each season I'm going to select some and share with you what books i plan to read next in the hopes it gives me a bit of a kick up the bum and my pile with start to decrease, so here is what's on my Autumn TBR List.

Current Favourite Lip Products

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When it comes to make up, most people have one particular product that they always find them self buying the most now I'm a bit excessive with most kind of products but one thing i do own a lot of is lip products. Thankfully, my lip product preferences change depending on the season, my mood and just generally what i fancy wearing. So i thought I'd share with you the lip products that I'm currently loving and reaching for the most.

Review | The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer AKA The Luminizer

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I've never tried anything from The Balm before; i was constantly hearing The Mary-Lou Manizer having it's praises sung and recently I've really been loving a good highlighter. It's amazing how a sweep of it can really brighten up your complexion and give your skin a lovely glow. So when i saw that it was one of the beauty items available in the Airplane's Duty Free Magazine, i knew it would be coming home with me.

Recently Read #7

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I'm currently struggling to get back into reading at the moment which is really frustrating me but I'm finding it hard to concentrate - if you have any tips to help me get back into reading, do tell. Before my reading slump, i did get through a handful of books so here's what i recently read and what i thought of them.

My TV Recommendations #5

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Since it's starting to get so much colder, there is nothing I'm enjoying more than an early night binge watching TV shows - so i thought I'd recommend some more!

Review | Merumaya Mud Marvels Mask

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I love a good mud mask; face masks in general make me feel relaxed and like I'm being pampered so when one actually benefits the skin, it's a winner in my books. I love trying all sorts of face masks but there is something about a mud mask that I'm just instantly drawn to.

My Autumn/Winter Nail Polish Picks

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I feel like I've not painted my nails in ages so i decided to browse through my collection and in the process and i came across a selection of nail polish that are the most perfect and probably predictable shades that i will definitely be wearing during the autumn/winter seasons.

#TravelodgeFoodies | Winter Warming Food

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I was recently contacted by a lovely lady asking if I'd like to get involved with the #TravelodgeFoodies in there aim to tempt people to come and visit the lovely city of Liverpool by the sharing a local delicacy (based on this post here), because let's face it who doesn't love food. One of my favourite meals to have especially in the colder months is Beef Stew or as it's known locally 'Scouse' - it's such a hearty and homely meal, so here's my take on it..

Monthly Favourites | October

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I always aim to post my monthly favourites on the last day of the month so I'm actually a little late this month; i planned on taking the photos for it on Friday morning but if I'm being honest i just couldn't be bothered and Saturday and Sunday i was busy working so your getting the post today instead. I've really enjoyed October - it's fast becoming one of my favourite months because the leaves are starting to brown, Autumn is starting to set in and of course, it's Halloween.