Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick

Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick

I love to contour, it can make such a massive difference to your make up and it's a step i really enjoy doing in my routine. Whilst i love using contour powders, I've found that i get a much better result when i use a cream contour, i was originally using the Clinique Chubby Contour Stick but found this cheaper alternative, so for the past few weeks I've been testing out the Freedom Pro Contour Stick.

Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick

Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick

This particular contour stick was purchased on a whim, i was having a bit of a down day and found myself browsing the aisle of Superdrug and Boots when i came across this contour stick. I was mostly interested to try it out because it comes with the cream highlighter too, which I've never tried before so i was really interested to see how much of a difference it makes to contouring.

I have actually read reviews on this product where people aren't loving it, which makes me really sad because i think it's brilliant and I've honestly been reaching for this more than my Clinique Chubby Contour Stick. The Freedom Pro Contour Stick is dual ended; one side is a cream contour and the other a cream highlight.

There is three shades available Fair, Medium 1 and Medium 2. I have Fair and i find it's a great match for me, the contour is a brown/grey tone so it's great for creating a natural shadow and the highlight is cream coloured, it's not amazing but i like it, it brighten up the areas you apply it to and it compliments the contour too. However, I do also put my highlighting powder on top of it anyways to give it more of a glow.

Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick

Both sides are really creamy, it glides onto the skin and blends out nice and easy too. The packaging and stick design means you have completely control over where and how much you apply to the face. I like to draw the contour and highlight out all over my face - it looks quite weird but it's a good way to see where you've done and then i blend it all out using a beauty blender. I apply this lightly and build it up slowly to a natural shadow but it is pigmented and you can build a much more intense contour with this stick quite easily.

For £5, i think this is a bargain - I've only tried this and one other product from Freedom which i also really love so I'm really impressed with the brand so far. it's affordable and such great quality. Freedom is available in most Superdrugs and online.

I absolutely love this contour stick, i find it's one of the better products I've used in terms of getting a good natural contour that's visible and does actually make a difference - i do also top my contour off with a contour powder too, to set it in place - if you'd like a post on my contour routine do let me know.

What's your favourite contour product?
Natalie xx


  1. I haven't tried any contour sticks, I have only used powders, but I love how this is dual ended. I am so extremely fair that it's really hard to find bronzers that don't lean too much into the warm spectrum. Your tattoo is really pretty by the way! x

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective

    1. Aw thank you! Id honestly recommend this contour stick if your looking to try one - it's really good!
      Natalie xx


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