Ebay's Bold Metal Brushes

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I'm sure every blogger and their cat know about the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Collection - they're beautiful but they're also really expensive. If i could afford to buy them all i happily would but personally, I'm not quite so financially secure that i can afford to a bank loan out against a set of brushes. I buy a lot of my brushes from Ebay - they're ridiculous cheap, usually good quality and when someone is as fickle as me when it comes to brushes it saves me a fortune.

I've seen these Bold Metal brushes pop up quite a lot but it took me a little to take the plunge and ordered them as a little part of me felt guilty but i caved and for a whopping £5.59, i got 7 Bold Metal Brushes. Now this is not a full review as I've not used them yet - i simply wanted to show you what I'd found and some initial impressions too.

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The biggest brush in the set is the Arched Powder Brush. My current powder brush is massive and whilst it's a lovely brush i don't feel like it's giving me as good as a result as it can do so I'm interested to see if the smaller brush makes a difference. I'm really intrigued to try the Triangular Foundation Brush because it's such an unusual shape - i have a hit and miss relationship with flat foundation brushes but i feel like this one will be really good for getting into all the awkward places.

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I've gotten quite used to using the large blush brush from Real Techniques so I'm looking forward to trying the Tapered Blush Brush as it's much smaller and seeing the difference. I love Flat Contour Brushes and i own two similar to this already but they're much bigger than this one. I really like the precise application you can get with a flat contour brush but I'm interested to see how this one works with it being much smaller.

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I thought that this Oval Shadow Brush would be good for blending but on second look it's not quite as flexible for blending. I do however think this will be a great brush to give a wash of colour over the lids. I love Pointed Crease Brushes so I'm excited to have another one in my collection. As well as being great for applying your crease eyeshadow, they're great for blending out eyeshadow as well as they're quite fluffy. I  think Angled Liner Brushes excite me the least - i don't really know why though because i do actually use liner brushes a lot in my routine but i just don't find them as exciting as others. I'm most likely going to use this for my eyebrows rather than liner because i feel like the shape will be must easier to work with on the eyebrows.

Overall, I'm really looking forward to trying these brushes out - they're so soft and they feel like pretty good quality. You can tell they're a cheaper option because the 'metal' is in fact plastic but so far that's the only negative i can see.

Obviously, i can't compare them to real Real Technique Bold Metal Brushes and i also don't know how well these brushes will wash either but i will report back at some point if you'd like me too. I got them from this seller here, if you're interested. You can also buy the brushes individually if you don't want the full set. I only paid £5.59 for all 7 brushes, postage and packaging was free - as it's from China it does means it takes a few weeks to get here but mine got here even earlier than i expected.

What do you think?
Natalie xx


  1. I'd love to hear how you get on with these, I love the look of the RT brushes but there's no way I can afford to spend that much on them! These sound like a much more reasonable alternative :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    1. Im the same, they are way too expensive.
      Natalie xx

  2. Definitely need to know what these are like. I'm desperate to buy the real techniques ones but I just can't bring myself to spend so much money on a make-up brush! :')


    1. Id love the RT ones too but i'd need to rob a bank first. I'll be posting a verdict post at a later date with how i get one.
      Natalie xx

  3. even if these brushes arent great to use, they're so pretty i'd buy them just to display! ..keep my foundation stained ones tucked away in my makeup bag haha x


  4. These makeup brushes looks gorgeous, and for £5.59 for all of them!? That's just crazy!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com


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