Rocky Horror Picture Show | Liverpool Empire

Rocky Horror Picture Show | Liverpool Empire

Myself and my friend Gemma are fans of Rocky Horror Picture Show, so when i found it was coming to Liverpool - i knew that we had to go so i got us tickets as part of her birthday present! It's been ages since i was last at theatre and I've really missed going, thankfully i have quite a few exciting shows booked for this year so there will be many more review posts to come!

Rocky Horror Picture Show | Liverpool Empire

Rocky Horror Picture Show | Liverpool Empire
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This time around i was sat in the stalls, which made a change from the usual seats in the gods - the view was fantastic and you could see everything so clear. It was incredible seeing so many people dress up and some people went all out, it kinda made me wish that we had dressed up too but some people's costumes was so good. The show itself was phenomenal - like seriously, it was way better than i expected, i really enjoyed how it had some slight audience interaction and the cast was incredible.

I don't always feature photos of the show itself as you obviously can't take them inside the theatre so i borrowed these two from there tour website (here) you can see loads more photos from there too, so definitely head on over there.

I liked Diana Vickers when she was on X-Factor but i didn't know what to expect from her as Janet but she was so good, and her voice sounded great. All of the cast was incredible but the guy playing Frank n Furter really stole the show, he was incredible. I think it's one of those roles that you'd have to be really selective of who you cast, you'd either suit it or you wouldn't and i think they choose really well because he was incredible.

It was just one of those shows were the atmosphere was alive and people were up in the seats dancing and at the end pretty much everyone was time-warping and it was so incredible.

Rocky Horror Picture Show | Liverpool Empire

Rocky Horror Picture Show | Liverpool Empire

As i mentioned, i didn't get dressed up but i did make a bit more of an effort with my make up. I kept my usual base, added a little contour and attempted a more smokey eye than usual - you can't really see that quite the same as the real show stopper was my lip! I went very bold and wore the Make Up Revolution Lipstick in 100% Vamp, it's a really dark purple shade, it's so dark it borderlines black. (I actually considered wearing a black lipstick) I was actually really surprised as the lipstick was pretty much perfect even after hours of wear. I honestly thought, id come out of the theatre with it faded and/or smudged everywhere.

I'd highly recommend going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show if you get the chance, especially if you enjoy the film as seeing it live is even better. It's so incredible and i promise you, it will not disappoint.

Are you planning to go see Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Natalie xx


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