1000 Follower Giveaway

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So last month we finally hit the big '1000' milestone so as a little thank you i wanted to do a little giveaway as a thank you. I honestly can't tell you how much i appreciate each and every person that follows on my blog - I'm so grateful to each and every person than reads and comments on my blog, it means so much to know that you are enjoying my posts. I work so hard on my blog and it's really nice too know it's appreciated by someone. So i wanted to do this giveaway as a little thank you.

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What you will win:
Studio 10 Plumping Lip Liner in Universal
Make Up Revolution Blush in Now
Wilko Bright Eyes Eyeliner Stickers
Lip Silk Lip Balm in Strawberry
Essence Crystal Eyeliner in Rosy Rush
Rimmel Apocalips in Aurora
Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light
Maybelline Master Smokey Shadow Pencil in Smokey Grey
Maybelline Lasting Drama Pen Gel Liner
Katy Perry Colour Pop Lashes
Ale Hop Pop Bands
Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Camilla
Make Up Revolution Lipstick in Dare
Maybelline Big Eyes Volume Express Waterproof Mascara
Bourjois Faux & Fabulous Miss Couture Lashes
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
Colletion Eyes Uncovered Smokey Purple Palette
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lip 3D Lip Colour and Sculpt in Pretty Muted

2. You MUST be a follower of my blog.
3. This giveaway will run for two weeks and end at midnight on 25th March 2016.
4. Follow the rafflecopter properly - I'm going to be quite strict in terms of moderating the entries, even down to the comments as I've noticed a lot of people don't actually comment anything to do with whats asked so if that happens it won't count as an entry (harsh, i know)
5. If you are under 16 please get parents permission as if you win you will have to give me an address to post your prize too and i don't want either of us to get in trouble.
6. Winner will be contacted by twitter, if no response within 24 hours, another winner will be selected.

NOTE> I have removed my previous Rule 5, as i was genuinely unaware that disqualifing giveaway accounts wasn't allowed. I apologise to anyone who felt they was excluded, that was not my intention - i just wanted to say thank you to my readers.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you like this giveaway & Good Luck!
Natalie xx


  1. I can't remember when I started following your blog but I know I have been following it for a while! I love your different mix of blog posts, from beauty to theatre reviews! x
    Louise | helloteddy.co.uk

  2. I think I've been following over two years, I remember you blogging every day for a year which is super impressive. I think I started following as we both at uni the same time so i was on a budget and liked that most of your makeup posts were on high street makeup :)well doneon 1000 followers!

  3. AMAZING giveaway lovely! Congrats on the 1000 followers :D
    I've been following your blog probably a couple of years or more for sure. I think your blog was one of the first ones I followed because I love what you do and love all your posts!

    Congrats again :*
    Laura x | http://pale-girl-reviews.blogspot.com

  4. I don't honestly know how long I've been following or why I followed in the first place, but I love your photography and your lovely mix of post topics/categories :)
    Congrats on 1000 followers and thank you for the amazing giveaway!!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  5. A while not sure exactly, because I love reading blogs.

  6. I can't remember when I started following your blog but I know I have been following it for quite a while! I love the variety of blog posts & how well written they are (:

  7. I can't remember when I started following but I really enjoy your makeup posts!

  8. Not sure when I started following your blog as I follow quite a few and I think I started following you because I liked the style of your blog posts

  9. Not sure how long, I love reading about your beauty posts :-)

  10. That's a difficult one Alice! I can't remember when or why I started to follow your blog but it can't have been recently or I would remember. By the way, the items you've picked for your giveaway, are they favourites of yours? Amy x

  11. I think I followed about 5 months ago! And I did so because I really love reading your beauty products review and I am currently going through a makeup phase :P

  12. I don't really know how long I've been following... I've been reading for years, but haven't been on bloglovin' all that time (only recently, before I was on good old blogspot reading list!). I love your posts, the photography is always so eye catching, your posts always relate to my interests and I just generally really enjoy reading your posts :)
    Debi x

  13. I've only just followed. I love that you're interested in literature. I used to read a lot but don't seem to have the time now! If you haven't read anything by Iris Murdoch, I reccomend.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. As you've deleted my comment, I'm reporting your blog and giveaway to the ASA. I'm not a second class citizen because I have two hobbies. Reading blogs and entering competitions. Very unfair and hurtful way to run a giveaway. I feel completely excluded. You may not realise that there are laws against this kind of thing, but there are and that's why I'm reporting you.

    1. I've been made aware of the law, I didn't know it was such an issue and as I've stated on my Twitter I'll be removing the rule as soon as I can get onto my laptop and can edit the post! I'm sorry you feel excluded I promise that was never my intention I simply wanted to do a giveaway as a thank you to the readers of my blog. Also, I've never referred to you as a second class citizen?


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